• Register Now! Basic Communicator Class Deadline is March 9

    Registration is now open for the May 6-11 Basic Communicator Class held by the IAM’s Communication Department. The last Communicator Class filled up quickly, so get registered now in order to secure your spot!

    This a basic course geared toward lodge Communicators to upgrade their skills and take lodge communications to the next level. Instruction will be provided in messaging, news writing, internet research, desktop publishing, photography, video and social media practices.

    Because the course is designed for the entry-level Communicator, priority will be given to participants who have not attended previous Communications Department courses at the Winpisinger Center.

    The deadline to register for the Basic Communicator Class is March 9, 2018.

    Official Call – English | French 

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  • Join Us at the Working People’s Day of Action

    The Supreme Court will soon hear a case that will have a big impact on our voice at work. That’s why working people across the country are making a clear stand to keep the freedoms that we’ve fought for.

    On Saturday, Feb. 24, there will be a day of action, with local events happening coast to coast, to defend our voice on the job and demand an end to an economy designed to favor the rich and powerful on the backs of working families.

    Click here to find a Working People’s Day of Action event near you on Saturday, Feb. 24.

    Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. joined striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, as they fought for the freedom to join together in a strong union and be treated with dignity and respect at work. They carried signs that boldly proclaimed: “I Am a Man.”

    Fifty years later, corporate lobbyists and special interest groups are bringing a case against working people, Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, to the Supreme Court. These are the same extremist voices that actively work to limit voting rights, roll back economic protections, and gut civil and labor rights laws. They’re ratcheting up their fight to break us up because they know we are strongest together.

    Let us know you’ll attend a Working People’s Day of Action event near you.

    When working people speak with a unified voice, we are able to affect the issues and win. That makes it much harder for wealthy elites to tip the economic scales further out of balance.

    Bring your family. Tell your neighbors. Invite your friends. Now is the time for working people to band together, hold the line on our freedom to join together to make improvements at work and demand an economy that works for everyone.

    Click here to RSVP for a Working People’s Day of Action event near you on Saturday, Feb. 24.

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  • IAM/Lockheed Martin Negotiations Update

    According to an article published in the Washington Post this week, Lockheed Martin’s largest customer is the U.S. Government.

    “Of Lockheed Martin’s $51 billion in sales last year, nearly 70 percent, or $35.2 billion, came from sales to the U.S. government. It’s a colossal figure, hard to comprehend.

    So think of it this way: Lockheed’s government sales are nearly what the Trump administration proposed for the State Department next year in its recently released spending plan. Or $15 billion more than all of NASA. Or about the gross domestic product of Bolivia.” – From an article titled “Lockheed Martin got $35.2 billion from taxpayers last year. That’s more than many federal agencies.,” Washington Post, February 16, 2017

    “Our negotiating committee will remain steadfast and resolved at the negotiating table to ensure our members and their families reap the reward for their labor that continues to make Lockheed Martin profitable. We demand nothing less than a fair contract for their effort,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen.

    “Lockheed Martin needs to know that we are here to represent the Machinists. The company needs to share its profits with those who helped to achieve them.  We should not give up what we have worked for over decades of collective bargaining,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin. “We want to make sure no one gets left behind.  In addition to good wages and strong benefits, things like seniority and job security mean something to union families.”

    Let’s not take away the pride our members have on Lockheed shop floors across the U.S.A. by offering them substandard wages when compared to the success the company is currently experiencing.  The IAM is honored to provide the U.S. Government all that it needs to protect this great country and is hopeful that the company will provide the workers the wages they need to maintain these awesome jobs.

    For more information, log on to www.iamlockheed.com

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  • Missouri Lawmakers Urge Harley-Davidson to Reconsider Closing Kansas City Plant

    Missouri U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt, and Congressmen Sam Graves and Emanuel Cleaver II joined together to urge Harley-Davidson to reconsider plans to close its assembly plant in Kansas City.

    “When Kansas City beat out 30 other cities across the country as the company was looking to build a new facility in 1996, it came with a considerable incentive package from the city, Platte County, and state of Missouri,” wrote the delegation to Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich. “We understand that the domestic and global sales environments are key drivers in business decisions like this. But we also believe Harley-Davidson’s Kansas City Assembly Plant and its workers produce a top-quality product that can compete with any other facility in the United States or around the world. We urge you to reconsider the decision to close the plant.”

    Read full letter here.

    Meanwhile, more than 800 members of IAM Local 176 and USW Local 760 have approved an agreement with the company, outlining new language, pay and severance benefits until the 2019 scheduled plant closing.

    The new agreement includes changes in language issues for the betterment of the hourly workforce. Workers will receive a 3-percent wage increase, plus a 0-3 percent local plant incentive if all financial and non-financial performance targets are met. All full-time employees will receive a ratification signing bonus, plus a severance package based on their years of service. Employees will receive six months of continued medical benefits from their last date of employment, at no cost to the employee. And, workers have the option of transferring to the York facility.

    “Although an agreement has been approved, we will continue to fight for our membership and urge Harley-Davidson to reconsider its decision,” said International President Bob Martinez. “I am deploying all resources necessary to help our members.”

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  • IAM Members Endorse Incumbent Grand Lodge Officers

    Machinists Union members have completed the endorsement process for the election of Grand Lodge Officers. The results from the DOL-supervised election are that over 770 IAM Local Lodges endorsed the incumbent slate and 20 or 21 IAM Local Lodges endorsed opponent slate candidates. More than 97 percent of Lodges nominated the incumbent slate.

    IAM Local Lodges endorsed each of the following candidates: Robert Martinez Jr. as International President; Dora Cervantes as General Secretary-Treasurer; and Philip J. Gruber, Gary R. Allen, Sito Pantoja, Mark A. Blondin, James Conigliaro, Rickey Wallace and Brian Bryant as U.S. General Vice Presidents.

    “The membership has spoken clearly for a second time,” said International President Bob Martinez. “This union overwhelmingly and decisively endorsed our incumbent slate and the new direction we have charted for Machinists Union families. I look forward to continuing our momentum toward growing and strengthening our union.”

    Final results are contingent on a DOL review of any filed election protests. Detailed results will be published when final.

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  • Sending Solidarity to Minnesota Machinists at Electrolux

    IAM International Bob Martinez traveled to Minnesota this weekend to deliver a message of solidarity to more than 900 IAM Local 623 members in St. Cloud.

    Electrolux, a Sweden-based freezer and refrigerator manufacturer, recently announced plans to close its St. Cloud manufacturing plant by the end of 2019.

    “Electrolux has been operating in St. Cloud for 30 years and these workers deserve dignity and respect from Electrolux and we are demanding that the company rescind its decision to close,” Martinez told delegates to the Minnesota State Council of Machinists. “The IAM is taking a stand against these companies who are turning their backs on U.S. workers.”


    The IAM, as well as Minnesota politicians, are urging Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson to immediately reconsider the company’s decision to leave St. Cloud.

    READ: Machinists Union, Minnesota Congressional Delegation Ask Electrolux to Reconsider St. Cloud Plant Closure

    Electrolux management offered no advance notice of the plant closing before its Jan. 30 announcement.


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  • Enroll in the IAM Young Machinists Training Program

    Millennials are our future and research shows they are the driving force in advocating workplace change. The IAM embraces the ever-increasing influence young workers have on public policy and social consciousness.

    The IAM will host the first of two young worker training programs May 6–11, 2018 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

    Click here for the official call letter and enrollment information.

    Enrollment forms must be submitted by March 5, 2018 for the May program.

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  • Roman Mayfield, A True Trade Unionist

    Below is an article provided by IAM District 751 and was originally posted in 2009. We are reissuing it today in honor of Black History Month.

    The IAM lost a true hero and friend when brother Roman Mayfield passed away on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 after a prolonged illness. Roman was truly adored by the masses and one of the few people that never had a cross word said about him. A remarkable feat considering he was 81 years old.

    This genuine goodwill ambassador truly knew no stranger. If Roman saw a new face at a Union meeting or in the shop, he was the first to embrace and welcome the person and offer to “show them the ropes.” His beaming smile, coupled with his hearty laugh and distinctive voice, could light up any room. His energy and strength were only surpassed by his generosity.

    Roman meant so much to this union and to the company he loved. There was never a conversation with Roman that he did not want to talk about work, the union or his co-workers.

    Brother Mayfield gave his life to this union, being one of just a handful to participate in all five of our strikes. In each strike, he did far more than just walk the picket line, but took an active role — distributing strike checks, coordinating food to the picket lines, counseling others, and helping anywhere there was work to be done. Helping others was truly a way of life for this very compassionate individual.

    Yet his story of union service is even more impressive when you know his history. When Roman hired into Boeing in 1946, minorities were not allowed to join the Union. Roman still attended all union meetings, but could not participate. The union finally recognized minorities and Roman joined in 1950. Roman was an icon at the Grand Lodge Convention in San Francisco in 2000, when a resolution was passed in his honor for the time when the IAM didn’t allow African Americans to belong to the union. Times have changed — in part thanks to Roman’s hard work over the years.

    Roman and his wife of 58 years, Albertha, both gave everything they could to their community. They regularly volunteered to care for crack babies at Swedish Hospital, for church events, helped with BEGNF and ECF and so many other activities. Whenever someone needed a hand, Roman was there. Over the years, his desire to help others led him to serve in various capacities from Union Steward to Union counselor to a BEGNF trustee and United Way loaned executive. In addition, he attended leadership school, was a delegate to two grand lodge conventions, was a marshal at the WTO rally, and served as a District Council delegate for two terms, as well as holding a number of other local lodge officer positions.

    Roman was a giving soul who cared about others and wanted to make sure everyone was doing okay. His compassion for others shined through as bright as his smile and the friendly laugh that became his trademark. He helped so many, was a friend to countless people and loved by all. Few people can impact so many lives and leave such a lasting impression. One thing is sure — all of our lives are better because of Roman.

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  • Deadline Extended for Federal Employees Collective Bargaining Program

    The Machinists Union will conduct a Federal Employees Collective Bargaining program April 29–May 4, 2018 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. The enrollment deadline has been extended until March 9, 2018.

    The program will be useful to stewards and officers who negotiate in the federal sector. Training will focus on areas including negotiating ground rules, contract bargaining, mid-term bargaining, collective bargaining and the Federal Labor Relations Act and more.

    Click here for the official call letter, details and all enrollment requirements.

    Space is limited and enrollment forms must be received by March 9, 2018. For questions concerning this program, please contact Jim Price, Director of the Government Employees Department at 301-967-4753.

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  • Black Labor History on this Week’s Activate L!VE

    Charlie Micallef, retired Director of the IAM Retirees, Community Service and EAP Departments, joined this week’s program to talk about past struggles to bring black workers into the established union movement.

    As the Machinists’ unofficial historian, Micallef explained how hard it was for African Americans to break the color barrier in unions, including within the IAM.

    In case you missed yesterday’s show, you can watch it anytime on:


    Activate L!ve webcasts live each Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST.

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