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  • Happy Birthday A. Philip Randolph

    Today the IAM & TCU say, “happy birthday!” to our Brother Asa Philip Randolph a labor leader and social activist born on April 15, 1889.

    Randolph founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters on August 25, 1925. Serving as its president, he sought to gain the union’s inclusion in the American Federation of Labor, the affiliates of which, at that time, frequently barred African Americans from membership.

    The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters struggled with the Pullman Company, which was the largest employer of blacks at that time, and finally won recognition in 1925. But Randolph had an even bigger battle to fight with the AFL and George Meany. He battled on, and in 1937, won membership in the AFL.

    The Sleeping Car Porters merged in 1978 with the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks, now known as the Transportation Communications Union which merged with the IAM in 2012.

    The IAM is also an affiliate of the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), the senior AFL-CIO constituency group working for economic justice and employment rights.

    Written by IAM Government Employees Department Director James Price, a board member of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

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  • Guide Dogs in Studio on Wednesday’s Activate L!VE

    Join the IAM’s live studio webcast of Activate L!VE Wednesday, April 18 at 3 p.m. Eastern. This week’s show will focus on the union’s no. 1 charity Guide Dogs of America.

    We’ll hear from GDA President Russell Gittlen about what’s new at the school and its training program. Michelle Plunkett, a GDA graduate from Virginia, will tell us what having a guide dog partner means to her.

    The show will also bring you up to date on news from across the Machinists Union.

    Watch this week’s program live on:


    You can also watch the show and previous shows anytime.

    Activate L!VE webcasts live each Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern.

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  • West Virginia Local on Strike

    Thirty skilled trade members of Wheeling, WV IAM Local 818 took to the picket lines last week after rejecting the company’s contract offer and unanimously voting to strike their employer Tecnocap.

    At issue is Tecnocap’s refusal to bargain in good faith as required by law with the IAM as the collective bargaining representative, by making unilateral changes to the terms, and conditions of employment.

    “Tecnocap refused to present the negotiating committee with written proposals that differentiated with the existing collective bargaining agreement,” said IAM District 54 President and Directing Business Representative T. Dean Wright Jr. “Our team repeatedly made good faith efforts to negotiate a fair contract for our members, which were answered by the company’s refusal to negotiate. As a result, the IAM has filed an unfair labor practice (ULP) charge with National Labor Relations Board.”

    “These members deserve better than Tecnocap’s refusal to bargain with them,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “We urge Tecnocap to sit down at the table and bargain in good faith to reach a fair and equitable agreement. Until that happens, our members of Local 818 will have the unwavering support of the Eastern Territory and the entire IAM.”

    Picket lines went up just after midnight on Monday, April 9, 2018. The IAM Negotiating Committee and the company met unsuccessfully last week, in which Tecnocap continued their refusal to bargain in good faith.

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  • GST Department Raises Over $8K for GDA

    Nearly 80 runners and walkers participated in the 2018 IAM 5K last Saturday, raising over $8,000 for Guide Dogs of America. The event hosted by the IAM General Secretary-Treasurer’s Department was held at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

    The 3.1 mile run/walk at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, MD was open to the public and included a food truck, DJ, vendors and a raffle.

    “This event is quickly becoming one of the favorite fundraisers our office does for GDA,” said IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes. “It’s even more rewarding to raise money for a great cause and promote good health.

    “A big thank you goes out to Jaime Colburn, Kelly Peterson and the staff at the Winpisinger center for doing such a wonderful job and making this such a successful event.”

    Guide Dogs of America provides guide dogs free of charge to blind and visually impaired men and women in the U.S. and Canada. It costs approximately $42,000 to train a guide dog and provide instruction for its user.

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  • It’s Our Time Now to Reach for the Skies

    Just days ago, it was a breathtaking scene in the sky as another Atlas 5 Rocket was triumphantly launched from Florida. The day marked the 77th successful Atlas 5 mission since the rocket’s introduction.

    As always, it was a badge of honor to the more than 500 IAM Members whose hard work and dedication allow these rockets to proudly wear the moniker ‘Machinist Made.’ Launched by IAM Members from Local Lodge 610 in Cape Canaveral, Florida and built by Machinists from IAM Local Lodge 44 in Decatur, Alabama, it’s the Fighting Machinists who have helped to make sure United Launch Alliance (ULA) is the only U.S. Launch provider with a 100% success mission success rate. And that goes for both the East and West Coasts because when there’s a launch at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California, that too is furnished by Machinists from IAM Local Lodge 2786.

    The pride carried by the Membership is front and center at the Bargaining Table this week as the IAM and ULA begin contract negotiations.  An agreement that will cover IAM Members in Florida, California and Alabama.

    “We want to build Union Rockets.  That’s the bottom line. The Members in this room ooze pride and a sense of patriotism each and every time a rocket successfully enters the sky,” said IAM’s Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin. “I do believe we can negotiate an agreement that not only takes care of workers and their families, but also helps ULA maintain its place as a leader in the marketplace.”

    “Our members have worked tirelessly to make ULA into the Nation’s most reliable launch providers,” said IAM’s Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen.  “The Machinists have set an impeccable standard of success and are deserving of a contract which mirrors those achievements. Our Union stands firmly behind their efforts to obtain a great contract. These workers deserve nothing less.”

    The current contract expires on May 6, 2018 but Negotiations will continue until an agreement can be reached.  In the end, the IAM wants a Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows these Workers who are literally changing the skies, a chance at a good life on the ground.

     For daily updates on this Negotiation, you can log onto www.iamulanow.com.

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  • Maine Shipyard Workers Donate to Support Next Generation

    Members of Kittery, ME IAM Local 836 recently made a donation to SSN 778 New Hampshire Division – their local division of the Department of the Navy authorized sea cadets program. Cadets perform community service and learn military standards, customs and courtesy.

    The money donated to the program will stay directly in their division and will be used to fund community service projects, equipment purchases and financial assistance for camps.

    “It is important the war fighters of tomorrow know that the union workers who overhaul their submarines take pride in their job have their back from the start,” said Local 836 Secretary/Treasurer Keith Thibeault. “I also like them to understand how unions ensure worker’s rights and care about their local community.”

    Recruits attend a two-week boot camp and afterwards are allowed to attend specialized camps such as diving, police, fire and Special Operations. They must also adhere to academic requirements and physical fitness standards.

    “As always, a tremendous show of trade unionism and solidarity from Local 836 for their tireless efforts in servicing their members and the employer (D.O.N.) as well,” said District 4 Directing Business Representative Rick Compher. “This effort is a continuation of the pride and efforts of all our members at Local 836, DL. 4 for today and the future ahead.”

    “Working with the youth not only strengthens the foundation of the community, but teaches them what unions are all about,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “We are very proud to see gestures like the one shown here by Local 836, as they help shape the way people view unions in our country.”

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  • Today is Equal Pay Day

    April 10, 2018 represents on average how far into the year a woman must work to earn what a man earned in 2017. The wage gap is even greater for women of color.

    “Wage discrimination against women goes against our core beliefs in the IAM,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “We refuse to accept it when we negotiate contracts for our members, and we will continue to fight until all women receive equal pay for equal work.”

    In the U.S. white women earn 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. Black women are paid only 63 cents and Latina women earn only 54 cents. Over a 40-year career, the average woman loses $418,000 to the wage gap.

    This year, the IAM Women’s Rights Department joins the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), along with labor, human and civil rights organizations to level the playing field between employees and employers by focusing on pay transparency as a means of closing the gender wage gap.

    Become an activist. Learn more about CLUW’s efforts.

    The National Women’s Law Center also has information and resources on much needed legislation to close the pay gap.

    No matter what you do become engaged in the cause, the more of us that speak up, the better we are heard. Help to end pay discrimination. It isn’t right.

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  • Strike Victory and Organizing Win on Wednesday’s Activate L!VE

    Join the IAM’s live studio webcast of Activate L!VE Wednesday, April 11 at 3 p.m. Eastern. This week’s show will bring you up to date on what’s going on in the IAM.

    Guests will include District 751 President Jon Holden talking about a new group of IAM members at UTC Aerospace Systems in Everett, WA, who build landing gears for Boeing aircraft.

    District 54 President T. Dean Wright, Jr. will talk about Local 1285’s successful strike against excavator manufacturer Gradall Industries in New Philadelphia, OH, and Middletown, OH Local 1943 President Neil Douglas will join the program to discuss their apprenticeship program.

    Watch this week’s show live on:


    You can also watch the show and previous shows anytime.

    Activate L!VE webcasts live each Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern.

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  • Spanish Leadership II Deadline Fast Approaching

    The deadline for enrollment in the Spanish Leadership II is this Friday, April 13 at the Winpisinger Center. Seats are still available for this important program which will train IAM members in lobbying their representatives advocating for pro worker legislation.

    Now is the time to educate our members on issues that affect workers throughout this country and our Latino workers within the IAM are taking these issues to the Hill. Active and involved members are essential to a strong labor movement and programs like these are the bridge from apathy to activism.

    Please note that enrollments in any of the Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your Lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments. Click here to download enrollment forms in either Spanish or English directly from the Winpisinger Center’s website.

    The remaining Spanish classes for 2018 are as follows:





    October 21-26: SPANISH LEADERSHIP I

    If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at (301) 373-8814 or eosorio@iamaw.org

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  • Se Acerca La Fecha Limite de Liderazgo en Español II

    La fecha límite para inscribirse en el Liderazgo Español II del Centro Winpisinger es este viernes 13 de abril. Todavía hay lugar disponible para este importante programa que capacitará a los miembros de IAM para presionar a sus representantes que abogan por una legislación favorable a los trabajadores.

    Hoy es el momento de educar a nuestros miembros sobre los problemas que afectan a los trabajadores en todo el país y nuestros trabajadores latinos dentro del IAM están llevando estos problemas al Capitolio. Los miembros activos e involucrados son esenciales para un movimiento laboral fuerte y los programas como estos son el puente entre la apatía y el activismo.

    Los programas de liderazgo español no quitan las asignaciones escolares del Liderazgo en inglés de su logia local. Haga clic aquí para descargar los formularios de inscripción, ya sea en español o inglés directamente desde la página web del Centro Winpisinger

    Las clases para 2018 son las siguientes:

    13 al 18 de mayo: LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL II

    10 al 15 de junio: ORGANIZAR EN ESPAÑOL I


    23 al 28 de septiembre: LIDERAZGO AVANZADO EN ESPAÑOL

    21 al 26 de octubre: LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL I

    Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre los Programas de Liderazgo en español o necesita cualquier información adicional, por favor póngase en contacto con Edmundo Osorio al (301) 373-8814 o por correo electrónico a: eosorio@iamaw.org

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