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  • Machinists, American Airlines Partner for Relief Flight to Puerto Rico

    The IAM, AFL-CIO affiliates, and American Airlines came together to deliver much-needed water and relief supplies to Puerto Rico’s working families. The cargo space was generously donated by American Airlines.

    “The IAM is again honored to be involved in bringing essential relief aid to the working families of Puerto Rico,” said Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja. “I commend the thousands of IAM members at American for their continued assistance in these recovery efforts. This flight is yet another example of IAM members and the labor movement helping others in need. I thank American Airlines for being an excellent partner in this ongoing relief effort. By constantly donating cargo space, they enable IAM members to deliver supplies to these families.”

    “The IAM continues to assist working families in Puerto Rico during this difficult period,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “The IAM is mobilizing our teams on the ground to provide support for Puerto Rico’s working families. It is our hope and prayers that these efforts will help rebuild the lives of Puerto Rico’s working families. We want to thank American Airlines for the donated cargo space, Local 1776 President Richard Howell and all Local 1776 members for leading this effort. American Airlines has been a leader in the Caribbean relief efforts from day one. The IAM is proud of the labor-management partnership in these relief efforts.”

    The flight departs from Philadelphia International Airport and the supplies will be received in Puerto Rico by IAM member and Puerto Rico AFL-CIO President José “Lole” Rodríguez Báez.

    Puerto Rico’s working families continue to suffer from a lack of resources and these shipments will assist with the rebuilding effort currently underway.

    IAM Disaster Relief Fund

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  • Winning in Wichita

    Wichita workers are thrilled as Spirit AeroSystems announced its plan to add more than 1,000 jobs to the workforce, with an investment of more than $1 billion over the next five years.

    “This is a good day for Wichita but a great day for the IAM because these are the jobs we dominate at the Machinists Union,” said Cornell Beard, Directing Business Representative of IAM District 70.  “There were a lot of states bidding on this work but Kansas won because of its workforce in the Air Capital of the World. The skillset of the Machinists who have been on the ground at Spirit for decades guarantees that this company will continue to be a leader in aerospace and that this industry is dominated by some of the best workers this country has to offer.”

    Breaking ground in 2018, Spirit AeroSysytems intends to solidify its place in the Wichita community for years to come.  Fueled by a desire to remain a driving force in the industry, this growth is associated with increasing rates in both its successful commercial aircraft programs and its fabrication and defense businesses. The company intends to build a state-of-the-art facility on the current campus starting next year.

    The majority of jobs created will be technical in nature, such as sheet metal mechanics, composite technicians and of course, machinists and journeymen.  Most of these jobs will be union positions under both the IAM and the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) contracts that will help the company meet unprecedented demand for Boeing’s narrow-body 737, including the new MAX variant.

    “It only makes sense to think Wichita when you are planning for the future of the Aerospace industry,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin. “Not only do we have a solid foundation of skilled workers on the ground, but this community has generations of families who have given their lives to making sure this industry thrives. That sort of dedication to the job and the product is hard to find, and it’s what separates the Machinists’ work from the rest of the world. The work our members have done for generations speaks for itself…Wichita is the place that sets the curve for excellence in Aerospace.”

    With incentives from the state, Spirit is able to not only bring these jobs directly to Wichita, but the new plan will also help to increase thousands of jobs elsewhere in the supply chain.  And the company plans to invest millions in its North Carolina facility.  All of this new work has the IAM taking a long look at the big picture and the future of this industry. Beard believes strongly that the IAM needs to remain diligent in making sure these jobs are here for our children and our grandchildren in generations to come.

    “The IAM has created an Apprenticeship program at Spirit to make sure these jobs remain good paying, highly-skilled union jobs that not only take care of Wichita families but also the community at large,” said Beard. “Today’s announcement is a further opportunity to bring back the middle class to its former glory in the Air Capital of the World. It’s time for us to work together to ensure we are setting the path for a brilliant future for all.”

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  • Enroll Now for Retirees Education & Strategy Program

    The deadline is January 6, 2018 to register for the IAM Retirees Department Retirees Education & Strategy Program (RESP) to be held March 4–9, 2018 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

    The official call letter and registration forms are available in English and French. The documents include all required information and procedures.

    The program is designed for retired members, spouses and those ready to retire from across the U.S. and Canada. It brings them together to develop ways to maintain active roles in the union and the community throughout retired life. As part of the program, participants will visit to elected officials in Washington, DC.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to keep active in the IAM continue your personal growth. For more information about this and other related programs, please contact the IAM Retirees and Employee Assistance Programs Department.

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  • 27 Years of Giving for Connecticut Machinists

    For the 27th year a IAM Local 1871 run food pantry in Groton, CT, provided more than 150 Thanksgiving baskets for out-of-work members, needy families and others in the community.

    Volunteers distributed baskets to families which included a complete Thanksgiving dinner, supplied at no cost to working families who might not otherwise enjoy a traditional holiday dinner in the current economy.

    “Union members from District 26 all across Connecticut, and Rhode Island support this effort every year,” said IAM District 26 Directing Business Representative Everett Corey. “This isn’t the only effort these members support, but much more, from GDA events to community projects, our members are at the forefront in providing assistance where needed in the communities we live, and work. A big thank you goes out to Business Representative Pat Buzzee and Local President Jim Underhill for all their efforts in making this a success.”

    “Union members are always at the front of the line when it comes to giving back,” said Eastern Territory GVP Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. “Our members know that making a difference in the lives of the people around them is how we all succeed. Nobody wins unless we all win.”

    The pantry, known as the Local 1871 Gemma Moran United Way Labor Food Center, is the only continually-operating food pantry in the country founded and run by union members. The idea grew out of a garage food pantry that began during a strike in 1988.

    Local 1871 prides itself on providing everything for a traditional dinner, making sure a complete dinner is provided, right down to the “Made in the USA” aluminum roaster pan to cook the turkey. Lodge President Jim “Sparky” Underhill heads up the drive with other volunteers from the local, taking in the donations, stocking shelves and assembling the baskets.

    From gate to collections, and donations from individuals, volunteers collected nearly $7,000 to help with the project. Texas Roadhouse restaurant in New London, CT, also donated 125 fresh dinner rolls for the meal baskets.

    “I’m extremely proud we continue to be able to help as many families as we have for all these years,” said Underhill. “Everyone works extremely hard to make this happen every year. Because of the success of the Thanksgiving donations, we will be able to distribute more baskets for future holidays.”

    IAM members and others working at Electric Boat in Groton, as well as the Metal Trades Council and Marine Draftsmen’s Association/United Autoworkers, make the baskets possible through donations. The effort has grown to also include many community businesses.

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  • Washington District 751 Machinist Wins Auburn City Council Election

    In an effort to give working people a voice in his hometown, U.S. Navy veteran and IAM District 751 Legislative and Political Director Larry Brown decided to take matters into his own hands by running and winning a seat on to the Auburn, WA City Council.

    “Larry has been leading the political efforts at District 751 for years and is highly respected in the state of Washington as a leader and advocate for IAM members,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “I have no doubt that brother Brown will continue to do great things for working families in this new endeavor.”

    “In Washington state, we have been all too disappointed by politicians who have been too weak-kneed to stand up for working families,” said Brown. “In an effort to find reliable allies in the halls of government we have been recruiting Machinists Union members to run for office. So when the opportunity opened up for me to run for Auburn City Council, I decided I should walk the talk.”

    Brown’s campaign was greatly aided by his fellow union members, officers and activists from District 751. More than 1,300 Machinists members live in Auburn.

    “I am proud that Larry stepped up as a candidate from labor and as an IAM member to make life better for all working people in his community,” said District 751 President and Directing Business Representative Jon Holden.

    The King County Labor Council ran a robust political program to assist in electing Brown.

    “The labor community turned out hundreds of volunteers and produced several thousand shifts of phone banks and canvassers,” said Brown. “With all of this help I was able to win my election with over 63 percent of the vote.”

    Brown’s working-class campaign message also resonated well with the city’s blue-collar voters.

    “Auburn, like most communities has homelessness, crime and addiction problems. My campaign theme stated that the best social program is a good job,” said Brown. “I explained to the voters that Auburn doesn’t have any problems that can’t be solved or at least improved with enough good jobs. In order to create these jobs, we must invest in workforce training and transportation infrastructure.”

    Brown joined the IAM in 1983 as an inspector at Boeing, after serving in the U.S. Navy from 1973-1977. He joined the District 751 staff in 1997 and has served as a Business Representative and in his current position as Political Director. Brown helped establish the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee and has served on the Board of Trustees for Green River College from 1998-2011 and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges from 2011-present, where he currently serves as chair.

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  • ‘Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service Act’ Does Exactly the Opposite

    The Machinists Union and the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) are calling on all members to contact their Representatives to demand they vote “NO” on the “Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service Act” (H.R. 4182).

    Machinists Union International President Bob Martinez sent a letter to members of Congress opposing the bill.

    This legislation would extend the employee probation period for federal employees from one year to a minimum of two years. This is an attempt to create a temporary federal workforce. H.R. 4182 is expected to be voted on by members of Congress.

    Federal workers, including IAM government employees and National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) members need your help now.

    Tell your Representative to Vote “NO” on H.R. 4182. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

    H.R. 4182 would not only extend an employee’s probation to two years, but this extended probationary period would not even start until after the newly-hired federal employee completes their “formal training program” and acquires all licenses and certifications required for their position. This could easily result in federal employees serving an incredibly long and unfair three to five-year probationary period.

    Tell your Representative to Vote “NO” on H.R. 4182. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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  • The Definition of ‘Union’

    We’ve all been there. Those times in life when money is tight and you’re not sure how you are going to make it through the month. Thankfully, most of us do survive, unscathed for the most part. But some do not and even worse, many end up losing everything, even their home. That’s the sort of story that brings IAM Local Lodge 850 into Oklahoma City monthly to take care of those who need it the most.

    “This is our home, our community, where Machinists live and work.  It is our responsibility to take care of the place we call home, “said Local Lodge 850 President Justin Martin. “But more importantly, it’s our privilege to be able to do so. We are part of the IAM Family. We have good Union jobs that allow us to look after each other. For the members of Lodge 850, this isn’t a volunteer situation. This is who they are; their core beliefs being put into action.”

    Working with the Mayflower Congregational Church 363 Group and the Homeless Alliance, the Machinists spent a Saturday in November helping to hand out meals to more than 300 guests. A meal that consisted of yummy Sloppy Joes, sides, fruit and a little something sweet to end the meal. Also collected were clothing and personal items to distribute.

    “I am so grateful to have come out of IAM Local Lodge 850 for many reasons but to watch what my Brothers and Sisters do for each other, and the community, month after month is just one more reason I will never stop telling the world I am DAMN PROUD to be Union!,” said Ben Moody, Business Representative/Organizer of District Lodge 171.

    Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin just smiles when he hears news of how the IAM Family is making a difference in the South. “That’s who we are. We call each other Brother and Sister and we help those who need it most. We look after each other and those around us. And we show our gratitude for our great jobs and the support we receive from each other. In my opinion, that’s the true definition of the word Union,” said Blondin.

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  • Hiedcavage Honored with District 1 Award

    Since his initiation into West Wyoming, PA IAM Local 1602 in 1993, Mike Hiedcavage has fought to protect the hard earned benefits of his fellow union brothers and sisters. This year, he was recognized as District 1 “Man of the Year.”

    “Mike is a union man’s union man,” said District 1 Directing Business Representative Tony Armideo. “I wish we had 50 more like him. Shop stewards and local lodge leadership are the very backbone of the IAM and are the first interaction new members have with their union.”

    Hiedcavage previously served on the local’s organizing and shop committees, and consistently leads volunteer efforts in the union. He was elected chief steward and local vice president before being elected Local 1602 President in 2016.

    “I was glad to have been there when Mike Hiedcavage received his award,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “His dedication to this union is truly commendable and his voice is recognized and respected by his members.”

    “Brother Hiedcavage is the ideal example of the IAM motto ‘Justice on the Job, Service to the Community,’” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “Selflessly donating the time, energy and effort into providing a voice for his brothers and sisters on the shop floor, working to organize new members and advancing the cause of organized labor. Special thanks to DBR Tony Armideo, ADBR Bill McIntosh and his staff for their efforts to recognize, and honor those who are on the front lines, working hard for our members.”

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  • Utah and Idaho Locals Team Up for Guide Dogs of America

    Salt Lake City, UT IAM Local 568 teamed up with Blackfoot, ID Local 2006 recently and held their 9th annual car show raising $10,500 for Guide Dogs of America. More than 70 cars came out to Stansbury Park, Utah to show their support at the Stansbury Days Guide Dogs of America Car Show.

    “This is the best show yet as far as raising money for the GDA,” said IAM Grand Lodge Representative Mike Wardle.  “Many thanks to Local 568 President, Andy Allen, for his hard work and support, along with all of the volunteers from Local 568, and all of the Car Guys/Gals that pitched in to help make this event a success.”

    “I would like to thank Mike and Glenna Wardle for their continued hard work to make this car show a success year after year,” said Western General Territory Vice President Gary Allen. “The generosity of Local 568, 2006 and the local community is astounding.”

    Thirty-three awards were presented along with raffle prize and auction items provided through tremendous support from the community.

    Guide Dogs of America, located in Sylmar, CA, provides guide dogs and instruction in their use, free of charge, to blind and visually impaired men and women from the United States and Canada.

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  • We’re Giving to Guide Dogs Today

    Giving Tuesday is today, November 28, and we hope you keep the Machinists Union’s favorite charity, Guide Dogs of America, in mind! GDA’s is aiming to raise $48,000, enough to sponsor one guide dog team.

    Click here to donate. You also text GIVEGDA to 41444.

    Since its founding through donations by the Machinists Union in 1948, Guide Dogs of America has helped blind men and women in the U.S. and Canada recover their ability to move freely and regain independence through partnership with these remarkable animals.

    GDA does not receive any federal, state or local government support. The only way we are able to provide these amazing guide dogs, free of charge, is through your generous support.

    Help make a difference in the life of a blind individual in the form of a loving, four-pawed partner today.

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