• Take Part in LCLAA’s 2018 Convention

    The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) is hosting its 22nd National Membership Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Intercontinental Hotel from August 8–11, 2018.

    IAM International President Bob Martinez proudly serves as a vice president of LCLAA and will be actively involved in this year’s convention. He is encouraging all good-standing members to attend.

    “This year’s convention is especially important because of the crisis still being faced in Puerto Rico after the damage caused by Hurricane Maria,” said Martinez. “It is more critical than ever for us to stand united with working families of Puerto Rico.”

    Conference delegates will strategically work on the priorities of Latino and immigrant workers in the nation. Topics will include protecting workers rights, public education, immigration, organizing and civic participation, including the Puerto Rican brothers and sisters that left the island.

    Click here to view or download the convention agenda.

    As part of LCLAA’s advocacy work to support the island’s people, they will create a space in the convention program for members to conduct relief efforts in communities that remain affected by the hurricane. They will also host a strategic discussion with other national organizations, unions, student and community groups about the work needed in Puerto Rico, the future of families, and how to work together to bring national attention to these needs.

    Register here. The early registration deadline is July 6, 2018. For questions or additional information, please contact LCLAA at (202) 508-6919.

    LCLAA is an AFL-CIO constituency group that represents the interests of approximately 2 million Latino trade unionists throughout the United States. Central to its mission is bringing together union members in solidarity, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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  • Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

    The IAM, and more specifically, the IAM’s Communications Department suffered a loss this past weekend. Retired Communications Representative Dave Stack passed away at 80 years old.

    Brother Stack, who retired in 2004, spent 21 years with the IAM. Dave was a newspaper man, a great trade unionist who also had printer’s ink running through his veins. Dave had a profound effect on so many communicators within our union, as he was one of the instructors in the Communication Department’s Editor’s classes at the Winpisinger Center.

    I was one of those students in the mid-90s. Dave had a “loveable curmudgeon” attitude, and he could be funny and crotchety at the same time. While a gifted writer, he was tough to please. His critique of your work might be biting, but it showed you the path to becoming a better writer.

    As a young (well, relatively young) Local and District Lodge newsletter editor, enduring his tough assessments of my writing, I’ll never forget when he handed one back to me and said, simply, “damn fine work.” It honestly was a high point of my labor career.

    While recently in ill health, Dave kept in touch with our department, and we spoke several times in the last year and a half.

    I’m sure many of those who worked with and learned from Brother Stack will think of the difference he made for our union and the lives he touched as a teacher, a coworker and as a chronicler of our proud union.

    Goodbye old friend.

    Bob Wood
    Director of Communications

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  • The Word Is Out About the IAM

    All it takes is one member to change the lives of many. And that’s exactly what happened when machinist Alex Martinez of Local 850 in Oklahoma City started talking to others about his IAM contract.

    “Alex works across the runway at the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma from the PAE group and started bragging about his Machinist contract. One look and the PAE Team wanted the IAM in their corner,” said Ben Moody, Organizer and Business Representative for IAM District 171.

    In a unanimous vote this week, the IAM gained twelve new Machinist family members when the team at PAE voted YES to the IAM. Maintaining the aircraft for customs and border patrol, this group of tough, avionic mechanics say they saw the need for a union as soon as they saw the benefits of being on our team.

    IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin is seeing this trend across the South.

    “A Machinist contract speaks for itself. When these hard-working men and women would be sent to other sites to work, they would see they were paid less, making less in vacation and benefits as their counterparts who were doing the same job. That’s not fair and it’s not right. So we were more than happy to make them part of our Machinist family in the South,” said Blondin.

    The Southern Territory has already organized a few of these custom/border patrol divisions across the territory so it makes sense this lot in OKC wanted to be part of that success.

    “These are hard-working people, some of which who have spent decades on the job. They love what they do and they have paid their dues in sweat and diligence on the shop floor,” said Moody.  “Now it’s time we show them what a strong contract can do for them.”

    And soon, these new Machinist members can let the world know it pays to be Union when it’s the IAM who is watching your back.


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  • Get Registered: 2018 IAM Aerospace Conference

    2018 has turned out to be a big year for IAM members in the aerospace industry. We have experienced an organizing victory for flight line technicians working at Boeing in South Carolina, a victorious strike at Unite Launch Alliance and a new contract for the Fighting Machinists at Lockheed Martin.

    Building on this momentum, International President Bob Martinez will be chairing the IAM Aerospace Conference September 10-14, 2018 in Fort Worth, TX. Deadline to register for the 2018 IAM Aerospace Conference is July 31.

    Check out the official call letter packet, which includes registration forms for the event and hotel.

    “I am very excited for this year’s IAM Aerospace Conference,” said Martinez. “With so much going on right now, a conference of this nature is vital for our members working in the aerospace industry. We are pleased to provide this environment for our members to communicate with each other and learn about issues unique to their industry.”

    The conference will focus on key issues affecting our members throughout North America and will also include breakout sessions with group discussions on health care, new technology, organizing, negotiations and communications are among the important topics.

    Click here for complete information.

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  • Machinists Call Out Harley’s Outsourcing Blame Game

    Harley-Davidson is blaming newly-imposed European Union tariffs on U.S.-made motorcycles for the company’s most recent plans to offshore production. Harley-Davidson already has plants in Brazil and India, and plans to open another this year in Thailand.

    “Harley workers are left wondering if Harley is still committed to manufacturing in America,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “Isn’t Harley afraid that replacing ‘Made in America’ with ‘Made in Thailand’ will destroy their iconic brand? If the EU rescinds its tariffs, will Harley drop its plans to offshore more production? This is looking like just another excuse by Harley to justify moving more American jobs offshore.”

    On January 30, shortly after receiving a massive corporate tax break, Harley-Davidson announced that its Kansas City, MO facility would close and 600 IAM members would lose their jobs. Machinists Union members work at Harley manufacturing facilities in Kansas City; York, PA; and Milwaukee.

    “Kansas City is suffering the consequences of Harley-Davidson’s continued neglect of its North American workforce and ridership,” Martinez said at the time.

    In March, the Machinists called on President Trump to question Harley’s decision. Members of the Missouri congressional delegation sent a letter to Harley’s CEO urging him to “reconsider the decision to close the plant.”

    Harley as recently as February stood by its decision to close down its plant in Kansas City while opening operations in Thailand.





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  • Entrenar-al-Entrenador en Español: Inscríbanse Ya

    El movimiento obrero y las leyes que protegen los derechos de los trabajadores están siendo atacados fuertemente hoy en día así que es importante que nuestros miembros estén activos e involucrados en las logias locales y sus comunidades. Nuestros hermanos y hermanas deben ser capaces de promover y comunicar el sindicalismo y las luchas actuales de los trabajadores, ya que la importancia del programa Entrenar-al-Entrenador en el Centro de Educación y Tecnología del Centro William W. Winpisinger (W3) es más importante ahora que nunca.

    Los miembros Maquinistas Bilingües son el puente hacia los hablantes no ingleses dentro de nuestro sindicato y las comunidades y juegan un rol vital en la organización. Las clases de liderazgo español en W3 proporcionan las herramientas necesarias para que los activistas promuevan y protejan al movimiento obrero, ellos son la próxima generación de líderes que saldrán y educarán a la población de habla hispana dentro de nuestras comunidades.

    El plazo de inscripción del 13 de Julio se acerca rápidamente. Hable con su membresía, los líderes de la logia, a nivel local y de distrito y todo nivel, sobre la importancia de estas clases en español. Identifiquemos a los participantes y animémoslos a participar y enviar a estos miembros que hablan español a la próxima clase de Liderazgo en Español del Centro Winpisinger.

    Las clases para 2018 son las siguientes:

    12 al 17 agosto           ENTRENAR-AL-ENTRENADOR EN ESPAÑOL

    23 al 28 de sep.          LIDERAZGO AVANZADO EN ESPAÑOL

    21 al 26 de octubre    LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL I

    Los programas de liderazgo español no quitan las asignaciones escolares del Liderazgo en inglés de su logia local. Haga clic aquí para descargar los formularios de inscripción, ya sea en español o inglés directamente desde la página web del Centro de Winpisinger

    Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre los Programas de Liderazgo español o necesita cualquier información adicional, por favor póngase en contacto con Edmundo Osorio al (301) 373-8814 o por correo electrónico a: eosorio@iamaw.org.

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  • Train-the-Trainer in Spanish Coming Soon In August

    As the labor movement and the laws that protect workers’ rights are coming under heavy attack it is crucial that our members are active and involved in the local lodges and their communities. Our brothers and sisters must be able to promote and communicate unionism and the current struggles of workers as such the importance of the Train-the-Trainer program at the William W. Winpisinger Center Education and Technology Center is more important now than ever before.

    Bilingual Machinists members are the bridge to the non-English speakers within our union and the communities and play a vital role in organizing and promoting our union and the current struggles facing labor. The Spanish Train-the-Trainer is coming up from August 12th to August 17th. Districts and Locals are encouraged to reach out to their Spanish speaking members who would benefit from attending this class that will ensure more effective workplace leaders. Completion of Advanced Leadership is required to attend this class.  

    The Spanish Leadership classes at W3 provide the tools necessary for grassroots activists to promote and protect the labor movement, these are the next generation of leaders who will go out and educate the Spanish speaking population within our communities.

    The enrollment deadline of July 13th is fast approaching. Talk to your membership, lodge leaders, at the local and district and all levels, about the importance of these Spanish classes. Let’s identify participants and encourage them to participate and send these Spanish speaking members to the upcoming Spanish Train-the-Trainer class at the Winpisinger Center.

    The remaining Spanish classes for 2018 are as follows:

    Aug 12-17                 SPANISH TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

    Sep 23-28                  SPANISH ADVANCED LEADERSHIP

    Oct 21-26                  SPANISH LEADERSHIP I

    Please note that enrollments in any of the Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your Lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments.

    Click here to download enrollment forms in either Spanish or English directly from the Winpisinger Center’s website.

    If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership Programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at (301) 373-8814 or eosorio@iamaw.org

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  • DL 19 Provides Railway Labor Act Training to Local Lodge 754

    District Lodge 19 Assistant-to-the-PDGC/Educator Andrew Sandberg recently conducted a two-day training session for Local Lodge 754 representatives of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) in New York. The training introduced the 19 students to the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the role that the labor-management relationship plays within the RLA.

    “The training of our members in all railroad matters, especially those pertaining to the RLA, is a top priority for our district and the Transportation Department,” said DL 19 President John Lacey. “This initial class proved to be a success and the springboard for more sessions in the future.”
    The Janus case, currently being heard by the Supreme Court, was the most challenging discussion the class had. The verdict could possibly change the role unions have in our country. This discussion led the students into exchanging ideas on how the IAM and its members should react if an unfavorable decision is rendered.
    Members attended the class during their days off and were also shown several different methods on how to best access and use information from the internet to better ensure safe working conditions for their members. The training also included an overview of the IAM Constitution and the specific role each local representative in the class performs.
    Since this inaugural class was well received and exceeded expectations, DL 19 will continue offering this training to all of its local lodges.

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  • Washington State District 160 Member Recognized by Boy Scouts

    IAM Local 282 member and Bremerton Metal Trades Council Steward Keith Ciancio, a Logistics Management Specialist from Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport’s Platform Integrated Product Support Branch (Code 434), was presented the George Meany Community Organization Award by the Kitsap County Central Labor Council for his impact on the Boy Scouts of America troops of Kitsap County, WA on June 11.

    The George Meany award recognizes Scouters who are members of unions organized under the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) for significant involvement with the Scouts in their communities. It is one of 20 different organizational awards presented by national chartered organizations.

    “I am honored to be recognized for this award and proud to have helped deliver on the promise of fun and adventure through our various scouting programs,” said Ciancio. “I look forward to future success in helping our family scouting programs expand in Kitsap County.”

    Presenting the award was IAM Local 282 member Rusty Grable, Engineering Technician (Code 322) at NUWC Division, Keyport.

    “Keith is responsible for getting my family involved in scouting, so it was exciting to be a part of the award presentation to recognize his contributions,” said Grable. “Scouting is such a great program that teaches valuable life skills and provides a solid foundation for my boys.”

    In addition to numerous scouting awards, Ciancio was recognized by NUWC Division, Keyport with the 2016 Outstanding Community Volunteer Services award.

    “I began volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in 2013 when my son joined Cub Scouts and have seen the amazing difference that volunteers make every day,” said Ciancio. “If every single person in the county volunteered an hour a week for a cause they believe in, the positive impact on our community would be enormous.”

    This is the first time the George Meany award has been presented by the Kitsap County Central Kitsap Labor Council.

    “Improving lives through community service and collective bargaining are the essence of the IAM’s legacy! There is no greater cause than sacrificing ourselves to help others to lead full and rewarding lives. My sincere and humble congratulations goes out to Brother Ciancio for his commitment to his community and his richly deserved award” said General Vice President Gary R. Allen.

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  • Guide Dogs of America Honors IAM Midwest Territory and IAM District 837

    Guide Dogs of America (GDA) honored the IAM Midwest Territory and members of St. Louis IAM District 837 for their 2017 contributions to the organization’s mission of providing the blind and visually-impaired with the gift of sight. Pictured from left to right: Chief of Staff Steve Galloway, General Vice President Philip J. Gruber, IAM District 837 Directing Business Representative Steve McDerman, and IAM District 837 Secretary-Treasurer Dewitt Darity.

    Guide Dogs of America (GDA) recently honored IAM General Vice President Philip J. Gruber, the IAM Midwest Territory, and members of St. Louis IAM District 837 for their 2017 contributions to the organization’s mission of providing the blind and visually-impaired with the gift of sight.

    Click here to see slideshow

    IAM General Vice President Philip J. Gruber, right, along with his Chief of Staff Steve Galloway, left, were on hand as GDA dedicated its Sylmar, CA campus concession stand to the IAM Midwest Territory. GDA President Russ Gittlen, center, also presented the territory with an engraved plaque “with gratitude and appreciation for all that the team has contributed to GDA over the years.”

    Gruber, along with his Chief of Staff Steve Galloway, were on hand as GDA dedicated its Sylmar, CA campus concession stand to the IAM Midwest Territory. GDA President Russ Gittlen also presented the territory with an engraved plaque “with gratitude and appreciation for all that the team has contributed to GDA over the years.”

    “The IAM Midwest Territory is pleased, honored and humbled to accept this award and dedication from Guide Dogs of America, the IAM’s charitable organization of choice for more than 70 years,” said Gruber. “We as a territory believe wholeheartedly in GDA’s mission of empowerment and independence for the blind and visually-impaired. It is an honor to give each year to an organization that gives so much in return.”

    IAM District 837 was recognized for their members’ $48,000 “team sponsorship” of guide dog recipient Stan Holtman and his dog “Edge.” The St. Louis district’s continued generosity to GDA covered all of Stan and Edge’s expenses, including breeding, training, veterinary care, travel expenses and room and board. The district received an engraved plaque acknowledging their members’ extraordinary generosity with a photo of their sponsored team, plus an opportunity to meet Stan and Edge at an on-site graduation ceremony.

    Click here to see slideshow

    “It was such an honor to accept this award on behalf of all the members of IAM District 837,” said Directing Business Representative Steve McDerman. “It was especially an honor to give the gift of sight to Stan through his guide dog Edge, and then have the opportunity to meet them and witness their completion of the GDA program. We wish them both much success.”

    GDA student Stan Holtman and his guide dog “Edge” were the recipients of IAM District 837’s $48,000 “team sponsorship.” The St. Louis district’s continued generosity to GDA covered all of Stan and Edge’s expenses, including breeding, training, veterinary care, travel expenses and room and board.

    Guide Dogs of America provides blind and visually-impaired men and women with increased independence, confidence and mobility through an expertly-trained guide dog. Their services are provided free of charge to residents in the U.S. and Canada.

    For more information, visit their website at www.GuideDogsofAmerica.org.

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