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  • Missouri IAM Local 1345 Ratify Nestle Purina Contract

    Members of the IAM Local 1345 Negotiating Committee sharpen their skills as part of the IAM’s week-long Negotiation Prep Field Training Program.

    Members of IAM Local 1345 have ratified a new three-year collective bargaining agreement with Nestle Purina PetCare located in Bloomfield, MO.

    The agreement provides for raises of 3 percent the first year and 2.9 percent for the second and third years.

    “One of the major issues in negotiations was the company’s insistence on implementing a 12-hour alternative shift plant-wide,” said IAM District 9 Business Representative Roy Collins. “The negotiating committee stood strong and was able to negotiate that any new 12-hour alternative shift only apply to future plant expansions. Current employees would then have the right to bid for these positions if they so desire, or the company must fill open spots with new hires.”

    Other improvements were made to vacation, funeral leave, members’ rights to refuse mandatory overtime, and limitations on how long discipline remains in an employee’s file for progressive discipline.

    “Congratulations to IAM Local 1345 members at Nestle Purina PetCare on the ratification of a new three-year contract,” said IAM District 9 Directing Business Representative Mark Conner. “Improvements in wages and better working conditions are the benefits of having a union.

    “I would like to thank the IAM Local 1345 Negotiation Committee along with Business Representative Roy Collins for all of their hard work. I would also like to thank the William W. Winpisinger Center and staff from the IAM Midwest Territory and Headquarters for their help in helping the committee prepare for negotiations through the new IAM Negotiation Prep Field Training Program.”

    “Congratulations to the members of IAM Local 1345, and congratulations to the entire Local 1345 Bargaining Committee on a job well done,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber, who noted that the right to collectively bargain is currently under attack in the state of Missouri, under the state’s recently-suspended “Right to Work” law. Union members forced the suspension of the law after delivering more than 300,000 signatures demanding it be put to a public vote next year. “This is what it means to be union – coming together and negotiating better wages and working conditions for you and your fellow co-workers. We must continue to fight to preserve this right for workers of today and tomorrow.”

    Approximately 225 IAM members are employed at Nestle Purina PetCare. The members make, package and ship cat litter.

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  • When Disaster Strikes: How the IAM Disaster Relief Fund Helped One Missouri IAM Member

    IAM District 9 Business Representative Roy Collins, left, presents a check to IAM Local 1345 member Mark Sadler, right, from the IAM Disaster Relief Fund.

    When flames engulfed a Missouri IAM Local 1345 member’s home in the midst of contract negotiations this past summer, his IAM brothers and sisters were there to provide some much-needed assistance.

    It was all made possible through the IAM Disaster Relief Fund.

    When Mark Sadler and his family’s home caught fire on July 17, investigators deemed the home a total loss.

    Mark, a plant janitor/sanitation department worker at Nestle Purina PetCare in Bloomfield, MO, has been employed at the plant for 36 years and has been a member of Local 1345 since September 1999 when the employees voted to join IAM District 9, St. Louis.

    As is always the case in these situations, the timing for Sadler and his family’s unfortunate loss could not have been worse, says IAM District 9 Directing Business Representative Mark Conner. The fire struck while Sadler and his fellow Local 1345 brothers and sisters were undergoing contract negotiations.

    “Negotiations can already be a stressful and contentious time for IAM members and their families,” said Conner. “Add to that the additional stress of losing your home and trying to pick up the pieces. It was important we acted fast.”

    “Having the IAM Disaster Relief Fund in place for our members allows us to do just that,” continued Conner. “This assistance would not be possible, of course, without the many IAM brothers and sisters who support the fund and are committed to keeping the fund healthy day in and day out.”

    Brother Sadler expressed his appreciation for the donation and for all those that made it possible in these difficult times.

    For more on the IAM Disaster Relief Fund or to contribute to the fund, click here.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Machinist members need your help now! The areas affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana are home to thousands of IAM members who face a near future of chaos and uncertainty. Click here to contribute to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund today.

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  • Jaramillo Appointed Western Territory Special Representative

    IAM International President Bob Martinez announced the appointment of Jay Jaramillo to serve as a special representative in the Western Territory effective September 1, 2017.

    “Brother Jaramillo brings a wealth of knowledge from the many roles he has undertaken with Local Lodge 2515,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “Jay and I met over 20 years ago when we organized his workplace. I can testify first hand, Jay never once shied away from standing up and fighting for fairness. We look forward to the new and creative ways Jay will help our membership grow in the future.”

    Jaramillo began his career in the United States Air Force as an aircraft mechanic.  After twenty years of service to his country, he retired a Senior Non Commissioned Officer.

    As a civilian, he worked for Dyncorp at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. When Lockheed Martin assumed the service contract at the base, he became part of the organizing process at its inception, to bring the IAM into his workplace to win justice.

    He participated in the strike against Lockheed, which resulted in major increases and better working conditions. Jaramillo went on to become a maintenance shop steward and was elected and served for 10 years as chief steward. He was elected several times as a negotiator and helped to ensure increased benefits and better working conditions for members on this contract.

    In January of 2012, Jaramillo was elected to serve as Directing Business Representative/Organizer for Local 2515 and later went on to become president of the local lodge. He made a significant impact in negotiations and arbitrations for his members.

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  • Machinists Honor Labor Day Across North America

    IAM locals and districts across the U.S. and Canada took part in parades and other events to honor working people on the 135th anniversary of Labor Day.

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  • St. Louis Member Throws Out First Pitch for Labor

    IAM District 837 Directing Business Representative Steve McDerman had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at Busch Stadium and representing labor before the St. Louis Cardinals game earlier this week. McDerman was honored by Boeing and the Cardinals prior to the first pitch.

    Video courtesy of Matt McDerman

    More Photos of the Event from the Midwest Territory

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  • Joint Air Transport Safety Committee Holds its Annual Meeting at Winpisinger Center

    The IAM Joint Air Transport Safety Committee this week held its annual Safety Conference at the Winpisinger Training Center (W3). The purpose of the conference is to educate and train Safety Representatives on how to improve safety at their work stations.

    The conference had 115 participants, including IAM ramp, customer service, mechanics and flight attendant members from the US and Canada. Members from six TWU locals at American Airlines and management representatives from United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Canada, Southwest Airlines and McGee Air Services also participated. Some members traveled from as far as Guam to attend.

    “Our members’ on the job safety is and always will be the IAM’s first concern,” said GVP Sito Pantoja. “The IAM places great importance on the continuing education of all our reps so they can help provide safety improvements at the workplace.”

    The attendees were given presentations on various safety issues, including “Active shooter in the Workplace” and “Sleep Deprivation and its Effect on Safety.”

    A raffle was held for prizes donated by company corporate safety departments, district lodges, local lodges and individuals. Almost $2,000 was raised and will be donated to Guide Dogs of America.

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  • Don’t Forget to Make this Labor Day Union Made

    With Labor Day weekend upon us, the unofficial end of summer, here are some ways to do your part by supporting good union jobs and products in your celebration and back-to-school needs.

    Buy union-made products like grills, beverages, fixings and food.

    Order live lobsters caught by our IAM Local 207 members.

    Make sure you school supplies are union made.

    The holiday is also an occasion to honor the achievements of working people. The AFL-CIO just published Laboring on Labor Day, which examines our work-life balance and the advantages of union representation.

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  • Time to give everyone at Fort Rucker our thanks

    It literally takes your breath away when you see a helicopter in the sky over Fort Rucker in Enterprise. The sound. The engineering. The precision. There’s nothing accidental on these aircraft. The Black Hawk, the Apache, the Chinook – they are workhorses. Symbols of excellence in so many ways.

    (IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin’s op-ed appeared August 30, 2017 in The Enterprise Ledger)

    A salute to our U.S. Military who put their lives on the line for our freedom. A wave to the American patriotism as these birds are used to protect our troops and this great country from harm. A bow to the United State of America for American ingenuity and the advances it brings to our world, and a gesture of respect to the workers who build and maintain these aircraft with their hands and their hearts.

    That’s especially true this Labor Day holiday.

    Today is about celebrating workers and the generations of men and women who have moved mountains to get us to this place in history. We want to say thank you because we know it has not always been an easy task. For the typical Alabamian, especially those at Fort Rucker, the goal is simple. Go to work, create an outstanding product, be proud of what you do, come home and take care of your family and loved ones. But everything costs more these days. It’s harder to find a career than just a job. It’s tougher to take care of your kids when there’s so much standing in the way.

    Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

    We applaud you for technological advancements like keeping the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks flying high and mighty in the skies. We are grateful they are serviced right here in the Heart of Dixie. We are honored of the job you do at Fort Rucker and that you’ve been doing it for decades. Your hands are the ones that are trusted to work on every aircraft the Army flies. There’s something to be said about that statement.

    A lot of the employees working at Fort Rucker are second, third or even fourth generation. Their families have had a front row seat to witness progress in the aviation industry. They have provided an undeniable service to the thousands of students who pass through this base each year. We know each other as we attend the same churches, our kids are enrolled in the same school, we all shop at the local grocery stores.

    And it’s not just the mechanics, avionic techs and sheet metal mechanics we have to thank. Support clerks who take care of the records, QDRs, clerical supply personnel who keep the base up and running, test pilots – all of you are patriots and deserve more holidays than just Labor Day to commend you for a job well done. Fort Rucker is the prime helicopter training facility in the world for the U.S. Military. It’s said that every Army helicopter pilot has stepped on this base at least once in his or her combat boots. Your work has touched the lives of millions of people.

    All of this makes the workers at Fort Rucker some of the best examples of what Labor Days truly means. Your dedication is a nod to American ingenuity. Your helicopters are flying symbols of the men and women on the ground who built them, maintained them and made sure it’s safe for the U.S. Military to fly them. Your achievements are the examples for everyone in this great country to follow.

    In Alabama and around the country, many workers and their families will gather today to share a meal and some time together. That’s why this holiday exists – to recognize the accomplishments that American workers have made to the advancement of this Country. It’s a very small thank you for the very big job that you do.

    In Enterprise, proof of those successes can be seen flying overhead as helicopter after helicopter takes off and lands at Fort Rucker. Just look up and you’ll see the very best of what America has to offer, right here in the Heart of Dixie.

    From all of us at the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, we wish you and your families a Happy and Safe Labor Day!

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  • Machinists Members Need Your Help

    As the flood waters rise in Texas and Louisiana, so does the need for assistance from our very own union family. The area affected is home to thousands of IAM members who face a near future of chaos and uncertainty.

    One way you can help make their lives a little more stable is by donating to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund.

    The Disaster Relief Fund is able to provide financial assistance to IAM members quickly, before most monetary relief efforts can react, putting money in the hands of IAM members when they need it most.


    “Our thoughts and prayers are with you,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “We are mobilizing our teams on the ground and I want you to know the Machinists Union and all of our staff stands ready assist you in any way we can and the IAM will be right beside you.”


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  • Ohio Members Hold the Strike Line, Secure Better Contract

    Members of IAM Local 1471 in McConnelsville, OH voted to accept a new agreement from Mahle Engine Components late Wednesday night, bringing an end to the 10 day strike. The engine component manufacturing workers overwhelmingly rejected a previous offer, going on strike August 20.

    A main point of contention was language regarding the plant reduction of workforce. The prior agreement provided protections for any layoff or shutdown. The company proposed language that would allow shutdowns and layoffs without notification for periods of less than a week. Other issues included wages and contributions to the IAM National Pension Plan. IAM Negotiators returned to the table along with a federal mediator and were able to secure an acceptable agreement.

    “The plant layoff notification language is an all-important protection for these workers,” said IAM District 54 President and Directing Business Representative T. Dean Wright, Jr. “This negotiating committee stood firm, and we were able to not only back the company off of the previous proposal, we were able to make some improvements to the existing language.”

    The negotiating committee was able to secure improvements to existing vacation, while holding the line on wages and pension contributions. Just as important, negotiators were able to achieve company-paid health care benefits reinstated retroactively to the date the work stoppage began, and COBRA reimbursements to employees who were forced to purchase health care benefits.

    “Being able to maintain health care for these workers was extremely important,” said District 54 Business Representative Don Riffee. “Among other issues, a member had a child during this relatively short strike, so uninterrupted benefits was crucial. A huge thank you goes out to the community and to the members of Local 1471 working nearby at Miba, for their unwavering support and solidarity during these trying times.”

    “Congratulations to these members and the negotiating committee,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. “Together they demonstrated real solidarity by walking out for the protections a good union contract provides. They stood together to protect their future from a loophole that could be exploited by the company to drastically affect their take-home pay. My thanks go out to PDBR Wright, BR Don Riffee, and the entire District 54 staff for their leadership during this negotiation.”

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