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  • GST Department Raises Heartbeats, Funds with 5K for Guide Dogs

    More than 60 people showed up to run and walk in the inaugural April Fools’ Day 5K. The General Secretary-Treasurer’s Department hosted the event, which raised over $5,200 for Guide Dogs of America.

    The 3.1 mile run/walk at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, MD was open to the public and included a food truck, DJ, vendors and a raffle.

    “I am so proud of the job our office did putting on this event,” said IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes. “It was such a great family event where everyone had a great time and we raised a lot of money for a worthy cause.

    “I want to thank Jaime Colburn, Kelly Peterson and the staff at the Winpisinger Center who helped make this event a great success.”

    The top overall male and female race winners received awards.

    “Congratulations to our winners Braden Gutekunst and Madison Underwood,” said event co-chair Jaime Colburn. “This was Braden’s very first 5K, and although Madison had participated in other races, this was the first win for her.”

    The General Secretary-Treasurer Department plans to make this an annual event and build from the success of this year’s fundraiser.

    Guide Dogs of America provides guide dogs free of charge to blind and visually impaired men and women in the U.S. and Canada. It costs approximately $42,000 to train a guide dog and provide instruction for its user.

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  • I.P. Martinez Announces Adams as Headquarters Communications Representative

    IAM International President announced the appointment of DeLane Adams as a Headquarters Communications Representative effective April 1, 2017.

    “DeLane Adams brings with him a great deal of experience in the cause of communicating for working people,” said Martinez. “He also brings a valuable legislative and political background. We are fortunate to add his talents to the IAM communications team.”

    Adams comes to the IAM from the National AFL-CIO, where he worked as the Field Communications Coordinator for its southern region, which includes 13 states. He previously worked with the Georgia AFL-CIO as its communications director, and as the Legislative Director for Citizen Action/Illinois in Chicago.

    He has more than two decades of experience, working throughout the country in local and national political campaigns and in county government. Adams received his bachelor’s degree from Florida A&M University and graduated from Bartlett High School in Anchorage, Alaska.

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  • Equal Pay for Women Still Not a Reality

    IAM Headquarters employees wear red in solidarity and support of women on Equal Pay Day.

    Today is Equal Pay Day. April 4 represents how far into the next year women have to work to earn the same amount that men earned the previous year.  On average, women were paid 22 percent less per hour than men in 2016, even after factoring in race and ethnicity, education, experience and location.

    According to a 2016 EPI report, women are paid less than their male counterparts in almost every occupation, regardless of whether it is a male or female dominated field.

    Unions lead the fight to narrow the gender pay gap. Collective bargaining agreements protect women in the workplace from pay discrimination.

    “We have to work harder to ensure our daughters and granddaughters don’t have to work their entire lives earning 20 percent less than men doing the same job,” said IAM Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes. “It’s obvious the issue isn’t going to take care of itself, so we have to be involved by organizing and lobbying our legislatures.”

    “One way to close the gender wage gap is to organize,” said IAM General Vice President Diane Babineaux. “A union contract is the great equalizer when it comes to pay and respect in the workplace.”

    Here are a few videos we found that exemplify the gender pay gap:

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  • NFFE-IAM Passport Workers to Receive $110K in Back Pay

    In a settlement that illustrates the value of union membership, NFFE-IAM Local FL 1998 members have reason to celebrate. Following the local’s aggressively negotiated grievance settlement with the U.S. Passport Agency, members will receive back pay totaling approximately $110,000.

    The local filed a grievance on the agency’s 2015 performance award distribution and was on the doorstep of another for 2016. The union has pushed for more equity in awards issued. The settlement remedies the past inequities and provides a fair system going forward.

    “There were a lot of union officers around the country burning the midnight oil to make this settlement possible,” said Local FL 1998 President Rob Arnold. “We’ve always maintained that the employees who make up most of the workforce should receive a corresponding share of the awards.”

    The agency agreed to a change in the contract going forward that requires it to give bargaining unit employees total awards that equal their percentage of the agency salary budget. Because the agency did not meet the criteria in 2015 and 2016, it agreed to pay approximately $110,000 in back pay to NFFE-IAM bargaining unit employees.

    In a novel arrangement, the union will decide on the formula for distributing the back pay. The local plans to give some money to those who received awards, and a significant amount to those who were eligible for awards but did not receive one.

    The agreement was negotiated by Arnold and NFFE-IAM General Counsel Jeff Friday, with significant help from FL 1998 leaders Amanda Booher, Gil Yap, Michael Rush, Josue Trinidad-Perez, Patricia Spencer and Erinn Voas.

    “We appreciate all of our members who made it possible to elevate these complaints to a hearing when necessary,” said Arnold. “And we appreciate the agency’s collaboration and contributions to these agreements.”

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  • Martinez: Trade Deficit Examination Long Overdue

    This past Friday the White House issued an executive order that authorizes a large-scale research study of the nation’s trade deficit. The IAM has advocated for American manufacturing and fair trade for many years.

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer acknowledged the IAM’s support for a review of U.S. trade policy during his daily press briefing.

    “A serious and effective response to our growing trade deficit is long overdue,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “Far too many countries do not play by the rules by ignoring fundamental human rights for workers, manipulating currency and demanding the transfer of production and technology. These actions add to our unacceptable trade deficit, which is threatening our industrial base and American jobs.”

    Read the New York Times article: President’s Growing Trade Gap: A Gulf Between Talk and Action.

    Growing deficits translate into unnecessary closing of U.S. factories and the loss of American jobs, despite being the most productive workforce in the world.  The IAM is encouraged that the administration is taking a serious look at an issue that affects so many of our members.

    As one of the largest industrial trade unions in North America, representing nearly 600,000 active and retired members, the IAM will continue the fight to create new fair trade and economic rules. It is our hope that this study leads to trade policies that ensure fair pay and safe, healthy working conditions.

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  • Martinez Talks Jobs, Trade and Pensions with Congressional Blue Collar Caucus

    IAM International President Bob Martinez joined other labor leaders Tuesday on Capitol Hill to discuss the need for good job opportunities and pension security for today’s workforce during a listening session with the Congressional Blue Collar Caucus.


    The caucus wanted to hear from labor leaders on their ideas on ways to shape policy that will positively affect working families. Areas of discussion included U.S. trade policy, wage stagnation, offshoring and lack of career opportunities in manufacturing and building trades.

    “We are willing to work with anyone, regardless of political party, if they work to bring jobs back to the United States and strengthen the jobs that are still here,” said Martinez. “The American worker is in desperate need of policy that keeps them on a level playing field with foreign competitors. Right now they are being undercut by bad trade deals that are crippling manufacturing in this country.”


    “We must work to protect the pensions that workers have bargained for,” said Martinez. “Supporting the Keep Our Pensions Promises Act is a step in the right direction. Retirement security is what Americans work for and what they deserve.”

    “This listening session is the first of many efforts by the Blue Collar Caucus to engage with labor leaders and hear firsthand about the current challenges their membership face,” said caucus co-chair Rep. Marc Veasey (D-TX). “From protecting hard earned pensions to ensuring that infrastructure and highway legislation accounts for the needs of blue collar Americans, members of the Blue Collar Caucus are committed to fighting for the best interests of the American worker.”

    “To convincingly speak on behalf of workers, we must first listen to them, engage with them, and ultimately stand with them,” said Blue Collar Caucus co-chair Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA). “We must earn their trust back through words and actions. We’re eager to get to work.”

    Formed in December 2016, the Blue Collar Caucus is focused on generating solutions that will put American workers on a level playing field with global competition, maintain the viability of domestic manufacturing and help cultivate innovative industries that can provide stable employment amid rapid technological advancement.

    The meeting was the first of many listening sessions the caucus intends to hold.

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  • Western Territory Welcomes California Cadence Aerospace Workers

    Grand Lodge Representative Joe Solis meets with Candence Aerospace workers to discuss anti-union tactics they should expect to see leading up to the representation election.

    More than 100 Aerospace machinists working at Cadence Aerospace in southern California recently voted to join IAM District 725.

    The workers underwent a relentless anti-union attack from their employer, but stood strong and sent a message to Cadence that they deserve nothing but fairness for their effort in making the company profitable.

    “I want to congratulate these workers for voting to improve the livelihoods of themselves and the working families in their communities that stand to gain from the growth of good union jobs in their neighborhoods,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen.

    A unique factor in this election was the use of technology to connect workers from two Cadence facilities represented by IAM District 751 in Washington state to share their experience via Skype video conference meetings.

    “A big thanks to District 751 President and Directing Business Representative Jon Holden, Thong Trang and Hieu Nguyen for their assistance,” said Grand Lodge Representative Joe Solis who led the campaign.  “Having union workers from the same company in Washington give live testimony went a long way in relieving some of the fear and anxiety the California folks had.”

    On the heels of this victory, District 725 has filed for another election with the NLRB for workers at a sister Cadence facility in Torrance, CA.

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  • OSM Aviation Short Haul U.S. Flight Attendants Join IAM

    The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced that following a showing of interest from a majority of OSM Short Haul U.S. flight attendants, the company formally recognized the IAM as their collective bargaining representative in accordance with the Railway Labor Act. These approximately 40 US-based IAM-represented flight attendants will be flying for Norwegian Air International (NAI).

    “We are delighted to welcome OSM-Short Haul flight attendants into the IAM family,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “Once the Department of Transportation (DOT) granted NAI a foreign air carrier permit, we mobilized to make sure US-based flight attendants working NAI flights had IAM representation. The IAM also bargained both an initial collective bargaining agreement to ensure that NAI’s US-based flight attendants have all the benefits and guarantees of a union contract.”

    The agreements come on the heels of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the parent company of OSM SH US’ recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which provides for the company’s neutrality in union organizing campaigns and fully recognizes the right of OSM Cabin Crew employees to organize and bargain collectively.

    “The historic agreement between the ITF and OSM Aviation paved the way for both union representation and contractual improvements to pay, benefits and working conditions for the flight attendants of the growing company,” said General Vice President Pantoja.

    The five-year accord brings immediate pay increases, continuing over the life of the agreement. Specialty classifications will also see significant gains in their pay premiums and all flight attendants will enjoy hikes in per diem, monthly flight supplements and an additional paid holiday as well as the protections of a grievance procedure.

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  • Martinez, Conigliaro Challenge Eastern Territory to Ramp Up Organizing, Political Action

    International President Bob Martinez addresses the Eastern Territory Staff Conference on the importance of growing our ranks and using collective political action at the state level to stop the attacks on workers.

    The 2017 Eastern Territory Staff and Organizing Conference wrapped up last week with a call: recommit to strengthening the working class and the IAM.

    “No country on the planet has ever created a strong middle or working class without strong unions,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. “I truly believe if we want this country to have a strong, viable working class again, we need to increase our union density. This means doubling down on important issues: external organizing, internal organizing, and education.”

    During the conference, staff from across the territory saw presentations covering all three issues, and more. Included was Director of the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center Chris Wagoner giving a presentation titled Background and Status  IAM’s New External Organizing Program.

    Unique to this conference were the daily “open sessions” concluding each day with an open dialogue to dig-in, and have open, frank discussions regarding what the territory can do better going forward to grow the union and its legislative influence.

    “Although we will work with the president when it is in the best interests of our members, rest assured, we will never, ever compromise on our principles,” said International President Bob Martinez. “We also are going to increase our influence at the state level. Our members are getting crushed by these state lawmakers and we’re not going to sit back and let that happen. ”

    Every District was challenged to not only organize 250 new members, but to sign all those new members to a sponsoring MNPL membership.

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  • Deadline Approaching to Bring IAM Power to DC at Legislative Conference

    Join hundreds of IAM members May 8-10, 2017 in Washington, DC to lobby for policies that actually benefit the workers in our country and not the corporations. The deadline to guarantee rooms at the discounted rate is Friday, April 7.

    As part of the 2017 IAM Legislative Conference, Fighting Machinists from across the United States will be hitting Capitol Hill to remind their elected representatives of who they are supposed to represent.

    Download the call letter, hotel reservation form and other important information.

    Be a part of the power IAM members will bring to DC. The conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency Washington, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001.

    Attendees will lobby members of Congress on the issues that affect IAM members most – trade, defense funding, retirement security, health care costs and much more. Delegates will also hear from allies in Congress and attend a congressional reception hosted by the IAM.

    Register today.

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