• Calling All Women Fighting Machinists

    Wanting to build up our IAM sisters while sharpening your leadership skills? Consider joining other active IAM women from across the U.S. and Canada and participating in the 2017 Women’s Basic Program June 11-16, 2017 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

    The curriculum empowers participants to look for resolutions to working women and family issues, through education and solidarity. It is an excellent learning experience for members building women’s committees or just interested in the issues.

    Space is limited and the class fills quickly, so get registered now.

    Download the call letter and return the completed registration form to the Women’s and Human Rights Department no later than March 31, 2017.

    Please contact the Women’s and Human Rights Department at 301-967-4747 with any questions.    

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  • St. Louis IAM District 9 to Hold Solidarity Rally for Striking Members at American Pulverizer

    IAM Local 41 and 313 workers in St. Louis have been on strike more than 12 weeks after contract talks with American Pulverizer failed over the company’s attempt to severely strip workers of their labor rights and benefits.

    IAM District 9 will be holding a “Solidarity Rally” on Wednesday, January 25 in support of IAM Local 41 and 313 members on strike at American Pulverizer in St. Louis.

    IAM International President Bob Martinez and Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber will be joining IAM members on the picket line for the rally.

    See IAM District 9’s “Solidarity Rally” flyer.

    The workers went out on strike 12 weeks ago when negotiations failed over the company’s proposal to roll 87 percent of health care costs onto the members, offer minimal and inconsistent wage increases, take away premium pay for overtime, and not guarantee holidays off. The company also wants workers to use their vacation time for things like medical leave, FMLA, and time off due to workers’ compensation. In addition, American Pulverizer wants to strip away workers’ rights to take part in union activity and change the “management rights clause” to give the company the ability to arbitrarily change work rules as it sees fit.

    Contract talks, which reconvened in recent days, have failed again, says IAM District 9 Directing Business Representative Mark Conner.

    “Contract talks with American Pulverizer failed yesterday because the company is not bargaining in good faith,” said Conner. “American Pulverizer is turning its back on the very IAM members who, since 1948, have helped build and create the company into one of the largest and well-known manufacturers it is today. A company that manufactures the most dependable rock and coal crushing equipment in America.”

    These recent egregious proposed changes come after contract talks in previous years where the company stripped workers of their IAM health and welfare and IAM pension plans.

    “Throughout the last two contracts the company has been stripping benefits away from our members,” said District 9 Business Representative Joe Eccardt. “Our members finally said ‘enough is enough’ and hit the picket line, fighting to protect what they have left.”

    District 9 has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

    As the strike continues, IAM District 9 says those on the picket line have been grateful to brother and sister union members who have shown support, including members of Gas Workers Local 11-6 and Teamsters Local 688, who have been bringing food and firewood.

    The District says members of the community have also shown their support. The Humane Society has been allowing strikers to use their facilities when needed. And Boyer Fire Protection, located next door to American Pulverizer, has been allowing strikers to use their facilities for storage and personal matters.

    “Thank you to all our union brothers and sisters and the community for your support,” said Conner, “but it’s not over. We still need you. Come out and help us send a message of solidarity for IAM Local 41 and 313 members fighting the fight for all of us and our families.”

    The rally will be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, from 1-3 pm in front of American Pulverizer, located at 1319 Macklind Avenue, St. Louis, MO.

    See IAM District 9’s “Solidarity Rally” flyer.

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  • IAM Retiree Testifies Against Healthcare Attacks

    Washington, DC area IAM Retiree Diane Fleming gave testimony on Capitol Hill about the importance of having Medicare and the Affordable Care Act in her fight against thyroid cancer.

    In the midst of Congress’ debate over the nomination of U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Patty Murray (D-WA) hosted a forum that included testimony from IAM retiree Diane Fleming, who has benefitted from Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

    Fleming and four other women were invited to deliver testimony in an effort to include outside witnesses who could speak to the consequences of Price’s policy views should he be confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary.

    Click here to watch Fleming’s testimony.

    “Five years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since then I have had four surgeries and radioactive iodine treatment twice. The cancer has reoccurred and I will need to have surgery again,” said Fleming. “I don’t know how I would have been able to have these treatments and tests done without Medicare.”

    The panel of witnesses spoke about each of their stories and then answered questions from the 12 senators in attendance.

    Click here watch the entire forum.

    The IAM and more than 80 organizations strongly oppose Price’s nomination. There is still time to tell your senators to vote “no.”

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  • Federal Hiring Freeze Hurts Everyone

    When many people heard the phrase “drain the swamp,” they believed it to mean cleaning Washington D.C. of corrupt politicians and lobbyists. President Trump may have been referring to the workers who keep all facets of our government programs running smoothly.

    He signed an Executive Order yesterday that prohibits any additional new hires in the federal government, barring some national security positions.

    “Freezing hiring in the federal government is a bad idea,” said National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) National President Randy Erwin. “It will not achieve savings and it will certainly disrupt the ability of federal agencies to carry out the business of the American people. It is a false belief that a hiring freeze shrinks government because the work is simply outsourced to contractors at greater cost to the American people.” 

    A hiring freeze affects a vast majority of federal agencies, worsening the struggle to keep up with vacancies due to retirements and other departures.  The hiring ban will make it impossible for most agencies to hire needed experts, and it will cripple employment opportunities, particularly for women, veterans, minorities and the disabled.

    Unions representing federal workers across the country are speaking out against the hiring freeze.

    “A hiring freeze will be harmful and counterproductive, increasing backlogs, decreasing service quality and causing more frustration for Americans seeking help from their government,” said Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union. “Our government depends upon highly-trained and experienced federal workers being able to carry on with their important work. This puts up a substantial roadblock for agencies.”

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  • IAM Members Join March for Women

    In a show of solidarity, IAM members joined millions of others across the U.S. and Canada to march in Saturday’s historic Women’s March.

    Watch: Women’s March on Washington

    “I’m here because it’s the right thing to do. I’m a stand up, speak out kind of woman. I’m not just gonna sit here.” – IAM General Vice President Diane Babineaux

    “I have to support our women, I have to support labor issues and the rights of all women to have free choice, protect our jobs and not the rhetoric that we’re hearing but just to make sure that it gets done and done right.” – NFFE-IAM National Business Representative Roosevelt Littlejohn, Jr.

    NFFE-IAM member Amanda Booher came all the way from Seattle to march in Washington DC
    “It’s very important to me because I’m outraged about what’s going on in the country right now as I think everyone should be, and I wanted to make my voice heard.”

    IAM District 751 took part in the Women’s March in Seattle.

    Check out the District 751 Women’s March – Seattle photo album
    Young Machinist Dan Janssen and his family attended the Women’s March in Toronto.

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  • South Carolina Boeing Workers to Vote on IAM Representation

    Boeing workers who build the 787 Dreamliner in North Charleston, SC will have the chance to vote to join the IAM.

    The IAM filed a petition on January 20, with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold a secret-ballot union election for approximately 2,850 production employees at the Boeing Co. in North Charleston, S.C.

    “Boeing workers just want to be treated with the respect they deserve,” said IAM Boeing SC Lead Organizer Mike Evans. “Why should they be subject to a different set of standards and rules than folks building the exact same plane in Seattle?”

    Watch the IAM’s announcement from the Longshoremen’s Hall.

    Read about the Machinists’ campaign in the Post and Courier and the Seattle Times.

    The NLRB is expected to issue election dates and locations in the coming weeks. The IAM is committed to ensuring Boeing workers have the opportunity to make their voice heard in an atmosphere free of intimidation and harassment.

    The IAM is the U.S.’s largest aerospace union, representing approximately 600,000 members at the likes of Lockheed Martin, General Electric and United Technologies. The IAM represents more than 35,000 Boeing employees at 24 locations nationwide.

    For more information about the campaign visit BoeingWorkers.com.

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  • IAM Welcomes U.S. Withdrawal from TPP and Plans to Renegotiate NAFTA

    President Trump formally withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and announced plans to renegotiate NAFTA, two trade deals with dire consequences for working people. What his administration does next is the real question.

    The IAM, and a strong coalition of labor and other groups that successfully blocked the TPP last year, have laid out a trade agenda that will help Trump fulfill campaign promises to bring U.S. jobs home.

    “The IAM is heartened by today’s announcement that the U.S. is withdrawing from the TPP and is seeking to reopen NAFTA,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “The move signals the beginning of changing a culture that has for years encouraged companies to ship American jobs overseas.

    “While this is an important first step in stopping corporations from offshoring good manufacturing jobs to countries like China and Mexico, the real work is still ahead,” said Martinez. “Establishing a new trade policy that actually works for working people must include a number of essential changes that are fair and just.”

    The AFL-CIO issued a blueprint for how to rewrite NAFTA to benefit working families. The plan addresses currency manipulation and rules of origin, eliminates a private justice system for foreign investors, and removes a rule which undermines “Buy American” laws.

    “This is a moment to come together and advance a new trade agenda that benefits working people at home and strengthens our position in the world,” said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka.

    Read Trumka’s opinion article in USA Today.

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  • NFFE-IAM Firefighters Win $65,000 Settlement Over Night Differential Pay

    In an important policy-changing grievance settlement, California National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) Local 2152 has secured $65,000 to compensate its bargaining unit firefighters.

    The local filed the grievance as a challenge to the policies of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which denied night differential pay to employees for scheduled night work between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. while on a temporary fire assignment.

    “While this grievance settlement is clearly a victory for California BLM employees who were denied night differential pay, it is also a victory for all BLM federal wildland firefighters across the country,” said NFFE-IAM National President Randy Erwin. “Local 2152 worked hard to win this financial relief for its members, and together we will hold all federal agencies accountable when NFFE-IAM bargaining unit employees do not receive the pay and benefits to which they are rightly entitled by law.”

    Many of these men and women work in dangerous conditions for up to 16 hours a day for around $15 per hour. Once mobilized, it is not uncommon for seasonal firefighters to spend stretches of more than a month away from home.

    Click here to learn about two members who have spent their careers in hazardous situations protecting homes, communities and forests.

    NFFE Local 2152 President Elaine Downing took the grievance action after determining that the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWG) interagency handbook, also known as the “yellow book,” conflicts with federal law regarding the night differential.

    “We are very pleased to see that the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service now each have written national policies that support the proper payment of night differential for all of their employees who support wildland fire fighting, in spite of the handbook,“ said Downing. “It is our hope that the NWCG will rewrite Chapter 10 of the yellow book and correct the flawed language regarding night differential as soon as possible so that all federal employees across all federal agencies who support fire will be properly paid.”

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  • Say No to the Anti-Labor Secretary

    Working class Americans will have no one to turn to if Andy Puzder is put in charge of running the labor department. The incoming administration’s pick for Labor Secretary has a record of fighting against working people as CEO of the Carl Jr.’s fast food chain (CKE).

    Tell Congress you oppose Puzder as Labor Secretary.

    The fast food CEO is against raises in the minimum wage and paid maternity leave, and in favor of replacing workers with machines.

    Under Puzder’s leadership, CKE has paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits accusing them of various labor violations including forcing employees to work off the clock, misclassifying workers to avoid paying overtime and altering time records.

    The AFL-CIO recently highlighted some reasons why Puzder is no friend to working people.

    The pressure against the nominee is beginning to work. The confirmation hearings which were scheduled for this week have been pushed back and may not happen until next month. There are reports that Puzder has voiced second thoughts about his nomination.

    Keep up the pressure.

    Tell Congress you oppose Puzder as Labor Secretary.

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  • Machinists Across Country Honor MLK’s Legacy

    From coast to coast, IAM members marched in solidarity, celebrated and gave back to their communities this weekend to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Dr. King understood better than anyone that civil, human and labor rights are one and the same,” said IAM General Vice President Diane Babineaux. “The best way we can honor him is to give back any way we can.”

    Washington DC area members cleaned, stocked shelves and did renovation work at three Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations.

    District 70 Members in Wichita, KS hosted a blood drive to help save lives.

    In Seattle, Houston, Charleston, SC and Long Beach, CA, members took part in MLK Weekend events.

    The IAM also participated in the AFL-CIO’s annual MLK luncheon.

    If you would like your event highlighted, tag @MachinistsUnion on Facebook or Twitter.

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