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  • The IAM Signs Alliance Agreement with Italian Union FIT-CISL

    The IAM has signed an alliance agreement with the Federazione Italiana Transporti, or the Federation of Italian Transport Workers (FIT)-CISL, headquartered in Rome, Italy.

    FIT-CISL General Secretary Antonio Piras and IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja.

    “The IAM will work closely with FIT-CISL to ensure each of our organizations and our respective memberships continue to grow stronger in the face of mounting attacks on unions everywhere,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez.

    FIT-CISL represents 120,000 workers in a number of transportation-related industries including civil aviation, rail, freight and logistics, maritime, public transit and infrastructure, among others. In civil aviation, FIT-CISL represents 10,000 airline pilots, flight attendants, ground workers air traffic controllers and catering workers in addition to 20,000 rail workers. FIT-CISL is also active in the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

    “As the world’s largest civil aviation union and the leadership positions we hold in the ITF, the IAM is uniquely positioned to collaborate with unions around the globe to combat cross-border attacks on working people,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja.

    IAM International President Robert Martinez and General Vice President Sito Pantoja signed the Affiliation Agreement with FIT-CISL General Secretary Antonio Piras.

    The Affiliation Agreement states:

    “Globalization in the transportation industry has expanded the world to the point that what impacts each of us, impacts the other. Therefore, we must forge new and dynamic strategies that will have real and meaningful impact on our respective members. In our continued cooperation we will develop concrete programs aimed at strengthening trade union and human rights for transportation workers in North America, Italy and around the world.  Our cooperation will also include building a more solid understanding of the general and specific challenges, both domestic and international, that each of our members confront in today’s global economy. Our efforts will be guided by our joint commitment to oppose those transportation companies which are oriented solely at obtaining bigger profits at the expense of the workers that are responsible for their success.”

    Specifically, the agreement ensures the parties will:

    • Lend appropriate support to each other in case of dispute with an employer.
    • Implement an interchange of information on expertise and experience gained in the sector.
    • Jointly review collective bargaining agreements and labor relationships with transport companies and fixed based operators.
    • Discuss and exchange experiences in order to develop a strategy for better representing our members in the growing global transportation industry.
    • Develop our cooperation with respect to organizing and collective bargaining.

    FIT-CISL and IAM delegations meet at FIT-CISL headquarters in Rome.

    At a meeting in Rome last week, IAM and FIT-CISL officials discussed the threat cut-rate carriers such as Ryan Air present to workers in the industry, Alitalia’s bankruptcy, the IAM’s organizing campaign at Delta Air Lines and rail infrastructure in the United States, among other topics.

    This is the fifth international alliance agreement the IAM has signed. It is the first agreement signed with a European labor union that solely represents transport workers. In 2010 the IAM signed an Alliance Agreement with the Japan Federation of Aviation Workers’ Unions (KOHKUREN), the largest federation of air transport workers in Japan.

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  • GVP Conigliaro Honored for Dedication and Commitment

    IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. was honored recently by the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Queens, on the occasion of the “Youth of the Year” annual dinner.

    Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens Board of Directors President Joe Liana, presents Eastern Territory GVP Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. with the annual Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens award for Dedication and Commitment to the youth of the Community. Pictured with GVP Conigliaro is his wife, Gissel.

    The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens is marking its 60th year in 2017, saving and enhancing the lives of New York City youth.

    Founded in 1860 The Boys and Girls Club serves “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.” With character development as the cornerstone of the experience, the Club focused on capturing children’s interests, improving their behavior and increasing their personal expectations and goals.

    “I had the pleasure of visiting the school,” said Conigliaro. “From the very moment I walked in, I could feel the positive energy in the air and that something great was happening there. To see the look of success, and confidence on the faces of the boys and girls of all ages is such a great feeling – words can’t describe it. I am honored, and humbled.”

    Conigliaro was honored for his “Dedication and Commitment” to the children of the community, alongside the “Youth of the Year” winner Maria Cruz.

    “I was fortunate,” continued Conigliaro. “I grew up with a stay at home mom, and a family of nine children. Unlike now where both parents have to work in most households, guidance in making the right choices was always available. Today, kids are faced with so many distractions, social media for one, to peer pressure and being bullied that can often result in these kids making bad choices and going to the wrong places.”

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  • Machinists Union Outraged at Harley Davidson’s Plans to Expand in Asia

    IAM International President Bob Martinez is calling Harley-Davidson’s plans to open a production facility in Thailand a “slap in the face to U.S. workers who built an American icon.”

    The IAM represents Harley workers in Milwaukee, Kansas City and York, PA.

    “Harley-Davidson is going overseas and taking American jobs with it,” said Martinez. “While other companies think about moving work home, Harley-Davidson is doing the opposite. It’s a slap in the face to the U.S. workers who built an American icon.

    “Harley-Davidson is laying off U.S. workers monthly while continuing to hire temporary workers. It should discontinue its plans and focus on U.S. workers who have made it so great.

    “What part of ‘Made in America’ does Harley-Davidson not understand?”

    Martinez was quoted in the New York Times and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

    Harley-Davidson plans to open an assembly plant in 2018. The plant will assemble bikes from components assembled in the United States.

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  • IP Martinez Joins Twitter

    IAM International President Bob Martinez has joined the world of Twitter. His handle is @IAMBobMartinez.

    Martinez launched his Twitter account at the IAM Communications Conference in front of more than 100 IAM Local, District and International communicators.

    “Social media is part of our world, one we cannot and will not ignore,” said Martinez. “Our voice must be heard, and now we will break new ground for our union. Even me. Sisters and Brothers, I now have a Twitter account.”

    Martinez will use his Twitter account to amplify the voices of IAM members and grow our union’s reach in the industries we represent.

    Stay tuned by following @IAMBobMartinez today.

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  • Machinists Activate Their Voices at 2017 Communications Conference

    More than 100 IAM Communicators from across the U.S. and Canada are in Austin, TX this week to strategize and learn how to amplify the IAM’s message.

    Follow along on Twitter with #VoiceActivation.

    So far, the 2017 IAM Communications Conference has featured trainings on video, social media and messaging, as well as discussions on communication tactics in organizing and editorial cartooning.

    IAM International President Bob Martinez on growing the IAM’s voice and the importance of telling the stories of working people.

    Martinez even launched his own Twitter account:

    Other members of the Executive Council also spoke:

    Cameron Conaway, a human rights journalist and the step-son of IAM District 98 Directing Business Representative Bob Miller, told delegates how important their work is to the future of working people.

    Here’s some more from #VoiceActivation:

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  • Clases de liderazgo en español y liderazgo en inglés ascendieron al capitolio

    Esta semana, más de 90 participantes del programa liderazgo II, del Centro de Educación y Tecnología William W. Winpisinger, cabildearon a sus miembros del Congreso en Washington, DC.

    El grupo incluyó miembros de las clases de Liderazgo español e Inglés II. Con ambos grupos compartiendo preocupaciones comunes sobre los asuntos legislativos que enfrentan la Unión de Maquinistas y sus miembros, su unidad y solidaridad estaban en exhibición mientras presionaban a ambas cámaras del Congreso.

    Representantes electos, incluyendo a los senadores Cory Booker (D-NJ) y John McCain (R-AZ), así como funcionarios del Congreso escucharon a los participantes de la IAM expresar opiniones sobre asuntos que afectan a los trabajadores y las comunidades en donde vienen.

    Desde la fundación del Grupo de Liderazgo en español en el 2006, la IAM ha ampliado sus programas para incluir Liderazgo I, II y Liderazgo Avanzado en español.

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  • Got the Journal? Tell Us What You Think.

    Have you taken a peek 2017 IAM Journal? A copy may have reached your mailbox. If not, here is the electronic version.

    We would like your opinion!

    Please take a few minutes to fill out this online survey and let us know what you think about the new IAM Journal.

    Did you know?

    The IAM Journal is creating a buzz even outside our union. Cover model, Isabella “Rose” Alviar, made the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

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  • ‘NAFTA Should Be Dissolved’

    In response to the formal notice on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations, IAM International President Bob Martinez made the following statement to the formal notice on NAFTA negotiations:

    “NAFTA represents the failed trade model that we warned about. Since its implementation, hundreds of thousands workers in the U.S. and Canada have lost their jobs as company after company have moved production to Mexico, a country where fundamental human rights do not exist. NAFTA should be dissolved immediately.

    “If policymakers insist on renegotiating it, real and enforceable labor standards based on ILO Conventions must be included in the core of the agreement, investor to state dispute mechanisms must be deleted and rules of origin must be strong. Among other things, Mexico must demonstrate that fundamental human rights are enforced and effective, before enjoying the benefits of the trade agreement.”

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  • Boston Mechanics Rally to Save Public Transit

    IAM Local 264 joined other members of the Invest Now MA coalition for a rally at the Massachusetts State House.

    Speakers at the rally called for legislators and the MBTA Fiscal Management Control Board to reject proposals that would outsource core MBTA bus maintenance services to corporations.

    “It’s time to have a real conversation about investing in public transit for the benefit of riders and businesses,” said Mike Vartabedian, an IAM Local 264 representative with more than 20 years’ experience fixing MBTA vehicles. “It’s time to start talking about revenue and public transit investment for the benefit of Massachusetts riders, businesses, workers, and taxpayers. Real reform is possible if the MBTA collaborates directly with its workforce rather than with unaccountable private operators who don’t care about our state.”

    A recent report from the Invest Now coalition showed MBTA spends a smaller percentage of its budget on maintenance salaries than most large transit agencies. The report debunked misleading claims from the right-wing Pioneer Institute and showed that, adjusted for cost of living, MBTA bus maintenance workers received pay that is in line with national averages (just 2 percent above), according to public data.

    “We won’t let core public services like MBTA bus maintenance be dismantled and destroyed,” added Vartabedian. “We’re calling on the legislature and the Fiscal Management Control Board to stand with riders and workers to protect our public transit and taxpayers. We care too much about the safety of our riders and our craft to let another costly, underbid privatization scheme destroy the MBTA bus maintenance department.”

    IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. and International President Bob Martinez both spoke out against these privatization efforts.

    “Privatization is nothing more than a ploy to avoid paying workers decent, fair wages and benefits,” said Conigliaro. “This is a thinly veiled scheme to seize control of public services, and assets. In the end it means less control, accountability for the public, and will lower quality, with ultimately higher costs.”

    “MBTA mechanics, fuelers and the other skilled professionals in IAM Local 264 are some of the most innovative workers in the public transit sector,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “We can’t allow out-of-touch politicians and MBTA management to use the threat of privatization as a negotiating tactic.”

    “Handing control of public transit to for-profit corporations has been a very bad deal for Massachusetts taxpayers, workers, and riders,” said Michael Haywood, an 11-year MBTA mechanic and IAM 264 shop steward. “Just look at the disaster with handing over the commuter rail to Keolis. We care about our riders, and we don’t want to see the same expensive nightmare happen again by privatizing core bus services.”

    PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Rally to protect MBTA services and jobs

    Read: Unions and Democrats try to Halt Baker’s MBTA outsourcing plans before bus garages go private (WGBH)

    More than 450 mechanics, fuelers, and other skilled professionals united in IAM Local 264 proudly contribute to the operation of the MBTA and their communities every day.

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  • IAM’s Hasan Solomon Highlights Working Family Issues on Radio

    IAM Legislative Director Hasan Solomon was a guest on America’s Work Force Radio to recap the Machinists’ recent legislative conference and highlight the union’s activism on trade, retirement security, pensions, good jobs and right-to-work legislation.

    “We brought in over 300 Machinists Union activists from across the country to pretty much speak truth to power,” said Solomon. “As you know, during the campaign we hear a lot of promises and now we’re trying to hold some of these elected officials accountable. We believe that we don’t work for them, they work for us, and it was pretty much a performance evaluation week last week on Capitol Hill.”

    Listen to Solomon’s segment on America’s Work Force Radio.

    Solomon emphasized that it was the IAM and organized labor that prevented the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) from ever coming to a vote.

    “We stood up and were unified and organized and we made sure that anybody who supported TPP, we would not support them,” said Solomon. “Now the main topic is renegotiating NAFTA, which we believe is the worst trade agreement in the history of this country. And we want to make sure it is renegotiated right… But we need to be sitting at the table.”

    The program also included a portion of IAM International President Bob Martinez’s comments on Capitol Hill, where he stood alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-CT) and several other senators who co-sponsored the Keep Our Pensions Promises Act (KOPPA) in response to radical changes made by Republicans to multi-employer pension protections.

    WATCH: IAM International President Martinez Pushes for Pension Protection Law

    To listen to the entire broadcast with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc, go to America’s Work Force Radio.

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