• Inscríbase Hoy para Liderazgo en Español II

    El programa de Liderazgo en Español I realizó su primera clase para 2017, que incluyó miembros de todo Estados Unidos, incluyendo Puerto Rico.

    El Centro William W. Winpisinger (W3) será el anfitrión de Liderazgo II en Español del 14 al 19 de mayo 2017. El programa de Liderazgo II en Español refleja su contraparte inglés, ya que proporciona a las logias locales y distritos con unionistas entrenados y calificados que pueden comunicarse con los trabajadores en ambos idiomas.

    Los programas de español en W3 son una gran manera de aprovechar el sector de más rápido crecimiento de los trabajadores en la nación. Con el entorno político actual, las clases de liderazgo en español son más importantes que nunca.

    Necesitamos educar a nuestros miembros para que puedan ser más activos en sus logias y comunidades por toda la IAM y el movimiento obrero. Las clases de liderazgo español en W3 proporcionan las herramientas necesarias para que los activistas promuevan y protejan al movimiento obrero. Ellos son la próxima generación de líderes que saldrán y educarán a la población de habla hispana dentro de nuestras comunidades.

    El plazo de inscripción se acerca rápidamente. Hable con su membresía, los líderes de la logia, a nivel local y de distrito y todos los niveles, sobre la importancia de estas clases en español. Identifiquemos a los participantes y animémoslos a participar y enviar a estos miembros de habla hispana a la próxima clase de Liderazgo Español en el Winpisinger Center.

    Hay varios otros programas en español que apuntan los varios niveles de la educación del liderazgo de unión así como clases del personal. Las restantes clases en español para el año 2017 son las siguientes:

    14 al 19 de mayo        LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL II

    20 al 25 agosto           ENTRENAR-AL-ENTRENADOR EN ESPAÑOL

    10 al 15 de sep.          LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL II

    24 al 29 de sep.          LIDERAZGO AVANZADO EN ESPAÑOL

    08 al 13 de octubre    LIDERAZGO EN ESPAÑOL I

    Los programas de liderazgo español no quitan las asignaciones escolares del Liderazgo en inglés de su logia local. Haga clic aquí para descargar los formularios de inscripción, ya sea en español o inglés directamente desde la página web del Centro de Winpisinger

    Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre los Programas de Liderazgo español o necesita cualquier información adicional, por favor póngase en contacto con Edmundo Osorio al 301-373-8814 o por correo electrónico a: eosorio@iamaw.org.

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  • Enroll Now for Leadership II en Español

    The Spanish Leadership I program held its first class for 2017, which included members from across the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

    The William W. Winpisinger Center (W3) will host Spanish Leadership II from May 14-19, 2017. The Spanish Leadership II program mirrors its English counterpart, in that it provides local and district lodges with trained and skilled unionists who can communicate with workers in both languages.

    The Spanish programs at W3 are a great way to tap into the fastest growing sector of workers in the nation. With today’s political environment, Spanish Leadership classes are more important than ever before.

    We need to educate our members so that they can become more active in their locals and communities throughout the IAM and the labor movement. The Spanish Leadership classes at W3 provide the tools necessary for grassroots activists to promote and protect the labor movement. These are the next generation of leaders who will go out and educate the Spanish speaking population within our communities.

    The enrollment deadline is fast approaching. Talk to your membership, lodge leaders, at the local, district and all levels, about the importance of these Spanish classes. Let’s identify participants and encourage them to participate by sending these Spanish-speaking members to the upcoming Spanish Leadership class at the Winpisinger Center.

    There are several other Spanish programs that target the various levels of union leadership education, as well as staff classes. The Spanish classes for 2017 are as follows:

    May 14-19                 SPANISH LEADERSHIP II

    Aug 20-25                 SPANISH TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

    Sep 10-15                  SPANISH LEADERSHIP II

    Sep 24-29                  SPANISH ADVANCED LEADERSHIP

    Oct 08-13                  SPANISH LEADERSHIP I

    Please note that enrollments in any of the Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments.

    Click here to download enrollment forms in either Spanish or English directly from the Winpisinger Center’s website.

    If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership Programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at 301-373-8814 or eosorio@iamaw.org

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  • Gruber Hits Reset Button in Midwest Territory, Says Territory ‘Going Back to Basics’

    IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber addresses more than 220 delegates attending the Midwest Territory Staff Conference in Kansas City, MO.

    A renewed focus on representation and servicing is the key to withstanding anti-union forces permeating Midwest statehouses, governors’ mansions, Congress and the White House, said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber to more than 220 delegates attending the Midwest Territory Staff Conference in Kansas City, MO.

    “While the rest of the country tries to figure out what went wrong and how to recover from this last election, the Midwest Territory is going straight to our membership,” said Gruber. “We’re going back to the basics.

    “This Territory is going back to focusing on what our members want – the reason they pay dues, and that’s for 1) representation and 2) servicing. We’re going to change the way we do business by going back to what matters.”

    Photos from the 2017 Midwest Territory Staff Conference.

    Leaders from across the Territory gathered for the week-long conference, where they heard candid presentations on the current state of our union and General Vice President Gruber’s plans for refocusing on the membership, overcoming the current attacks on labor unions and addressing declining union membership across the country.

    The highlight of the conference included a frank and open panel discussion on the Midwest Territory’s current dues structure. Panelists included Gruber, Midwest Territory Chief of Staff Steve Galloway, IAM General Counsel Mark Schneider, IAM Deputy General Counsel Carla Siegel, and WWW Director Chris Wagoner. IAM Midwest Territory Special Representative Kevin Murch served as moderator.

    “It’s time for us to have some real, serious conversations about how we move this union forward – specifically here in the Midwest,” said Gruber. “How do we withstand the current political and economic climate of the American workforce? While at the same time position ourselves for growth?”

    “We have to find a way to accommodate lower-wage workers,” said Gruber. “Where the IAM constitution allows, we’re going to make some fundamental changes on the structure of our Territory. Ones that will help and better position us to do some real and effective organizing.”

    In his keynote address, IAM International President Bob Martinez tells delegates to the IAM Midwest Territory Staff Conference in Kansas City, MO, the IAM must be “smarter and more aggressive” in its fight to serve and protect IAM members from anti-union forces bent on destroying labor unions and exploiting workers.

    Delegates furthered the conversation through a series of workshops lead by Midwest Territory staff members. Workshops focused on dues, organizing, servicing, re-engaging IAM membership, creating an IAM footprint in Midwestern communities through community service, working with the National Labor Relations Board, using every legal means members have at their disposal, and dealing with Right to Work and understanding how it effects IAM members.

    “The challenges we face are serious, brothers and sisters,” said Martinez. “We must be more unified than ever to grow our union no matter what they throw at us. In order to grow, we must be smarter and more aggressive. And we must all work together.”

    Martinez talked about the IAM’s plan for increasing its influence at the state level of government. He also highlighted the many challenges workers in the Midwest Territory face, including state and national efforts to pass and implement Right to Work (For Less) legislation. Currently, all but two states are Right to Work (For Less) in the Midwest Territory, with Missouri recently becoming the 28th state to adopt the misleading legislation.

    “I want to personally applaud our members throughout this great Territory for the fight you are putting on against Right to Work (For Less),” said Martinez. “Whether it is in Missouri or Wisconsin or everywhere else in the Midwest, you are taking the fight right to the enemies of working families.”

    “Speaking of enemies of working families, Republican Congressman Steve King, from Iowa, recently introduced National Right-to-Work bill H.R. 785,” said Martinez. “We are now calling on Members of Congress in both parties as well as the president to reject National Right-to-Work (For Less) and instead work with us to strengthen collective bargaining and push policies that put more Americans to work in good jobs.”

    Speakers throughout the week included IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes, IAM Strategic Resources Department Director Neil Gladstein, Indiana IAM District 90 Directing Business Representative Tony Wickersham, IAM Organizing Department Director Don Barker, IAM Legislative Director Rick De Le Fuente, IAM Retirees and Employee Assistance Program Director Ed Manhart, Missouri AFL-CIO Dislocated Worker Program Coordinator Jim Kolve, IAM National Pension and Benefit Trust Fund Executive Director Ryk Tierney, Employee Benefit Systems President Jeff Grim, IAM National Pension and Benefit Trust Fund Representative Damian Anderson, and Guide Dogs of America Director Russ Gitlen.

    Photos from the 2017 Midwest Territory Staff Conference.

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  • IAM CREST Promotes Apprenticeships at American Indian Expo

    IAM CREST reached out to members of the Baltimore, MD American Indian community last week to provide information on the benefits of apprenticeships at the Baltimore American Indian Center’s (BAIC) S.T.E.A.M. Expo held by the Patriots Technology Training Center.

    IAM CREST Outreach Coordinator Arnett Powell and Project Coordinator Michael Oathout talked with visitors—young and old—about the IAM, CREST and the community outreach conducted by the Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality (Council FIRE) on behalf of the Native American community.

    “I would like to thank the Patriots Technology Training Center for inviting the Machinists to participate,” said IAM Safety and Health Director Jim Reid. “We appreciate the opportunity to come out and talk to people about our union and the advantages of apprenticeships.”

    Visitors learned about the many benefits of apprenticeships, the role unions play in manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities and the many industries that offer them.

    “It’s great to inform people about apprenticeships and what they have to offer,” said Powell. “Today, a high school student learned that she has more non-traditional career choices than the status quo, and a mother of two learned that her daughters could land a solid career with little to no debt.”

    Patriots Technology Training Center (PTTC) empowers students through technology by engaging them in activities involving the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sciences. The BAIC Native S.T.E.A.M. Expo was held at the Community College of Baltimore.

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  • Martinez Calls on Congress to Fund F-35 Program

    IAM International President Bob Martinez sent a letter urging members of Congress to show support for the F-35 program.

    Click here to read Martinez’s letter

    “Since its inception, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been proudly built by IAM members and is our nation’s only 5th Generation stealth aircraft currently in production,” said Martinez. “The F-35 is the key to future air superiority for all three U.S. Services and our most important allies across the globe. Ramping up needed production is the quickest way to drive down unit costs.

    “The positive economic impact of the F-35 program continues to grow. This mature program supports more than 45,000 direct and over 125,000 indirect American jobs at approximately 1,400 suppliers across the nation; this results in an annual economic impact to the U.S. of over $24 billion. Importantly, these numbers are expected to increase as production increases in the coming years.”

    Reps. John Larson (D-CT) and Tom Rooney (R-FL) spearheaded an effort with 69 other colleagues in sending a bipartisan letter requesting members of the Defense Appropriations Committees to support the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Defense budget amendment and FY18 National Defense Authorization and Defense Appropriations bills for the F-35 program.

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  • Fighting Back Against RTW in Missouri

    Earlier this year, Missouri became the 28th “Right-to-Work” state. “Right to work” (RTW) is the name for a policy designed to take away rights from working people. The policy is wrong, and the Machinists in Missouri are fighting back.

    Members and activists are trying to collect enough signatures to get “RTW” put on the ballot and allow Missouri voters to have their voices heard. The campaign must turn in more than 160,000 valid signatures of registered voters by August 25 to halt implementation of the law on August 28.

    If the petition campaign is successful, implementation of so-called “RTW” would be put on hold until Missouri voters have a chance to decide the measure in 2018.

    WATCH: A Blow To Workers

    “We spent the last five years educating members and the public about the effects of RTW, which would mean lower wages, higher infant mortality rates, higher rates of job injury and higher on-the-job mortality rates,” said IAM member and Missouri State AFL-CIO President Mike Louis. “The effects of this bad policy are so widespread. It is not just about wages; it is about the quality of life for the middle class.”

    “There was a dream sold that employers were going to rush into the state of Missouri because we are now RTW,” said IAM member and Missouri State Rep. Clem Smith. “And that is not true; you can ask Oklahoma about that when they went RTW. It never happened there. It will take a lot of education, but hopefully, we will get this ballot initiative going and change their minds.”

    “People in RTW states make 3.1 percent less, and 3.1 percent is hard to know what that means, but for the typical full-time worker that translates into $1,500 less a year per paycheck,” said Economic Policy Institute Economist, Heidi Shierholz. “So you can imagine what that means for a family from paycheck to paycheck. It means deciding between groceries or filling up your gas tank. Those are real impacts for real people.”

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  • Gold Star Recognition for Winpisinger Center Kitchen Staff

    Upon receiving the St. Mary’s County Health Department’s Gold Star Award, Winpisinger Center Kitchen Supervisor Cecilia Murphy proudly displayed the certificate on behalf of her entire kitchen staff.

    In early April, the St. Mary’s County Health Department awarded its prestigious Gold Star Award to the kitchen staff at the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center, located in Hollywood, MD.

    WATCH: Winpisinger Center Kitchen Honored for Food Safety

    “I have to give credit where credit is due,” said Winpisinger Center Kitchen Supervisor Cecilia Murphy. “I have four cooks and four assistants. There are two cooks and two assistants per shift.”

    The county’s award is given annually to food service facilities that achieve superior food safety standards. Environmental health specialists at the health department regularly inspect nearly 500 food service facilities in St. Mary’s County to ensure food safety is being adequately addressed.

    “I am extremely proud of our staff and our facility, this recognition is well deserved,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “The IAM has always known what St. Mary’s County has just announced. The Winpisinger kitchen staff is second to none in my book. Our members can’t say enough about the quality of food and service at the Harbor.”

    “I am incredibly proud of the W3 kitchen Staff; they do a remarkable job week in and week out for the membership. Receiving the Gold Star Award from the County Health Department is reflective of the Kitchen Staff’s hard work and attention to quality in every aspect of their job. Not only do they prepare and serve great food, but they do so in manner that consistently exceeds required food safety standards. The Gold Star Award is really tough to earn; very few food service operations ever receive the Gold Star Award – it’s quite an achievement.”

    The select few food establishments that achieve this high level of compliance receive a certificate and a window sticker designating them as Gold Star establishments. Recipients also receive special recognition from the Maryland General Assembly.

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  • Deadline to Register for EAP III Approaching

    Time is running out to register for EAP III held June 25-30, at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. The deadline to register for the class is April 30.

    The IAM’s Employee Assistance Program equips EAP coordinators with the skills and resources to assist members who are seeking help for problems involving addictions and other psychosocial issues.

    This valuable program is fully recognized at the college level, within the workplace, in the employee assistance community and throughout the IAM. All eligible Machinists are encouraged to participate.

    Download and return the participant registration form to the Retirees and Employment Assistant Program Department no later than April 30, 2017.

    Attendance in the program must be approved by an authorizing lodge officer. EAP III Participants must have completed EAP II to register. If you have any questions, please contact the Retirees and Employment Assistant Program Department at 301-967-4717.

    Download the Official Call: English / French

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  • Tell Congress to Protect the Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Federal workers, including IAM government employees and National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) members, need your help now to fight budget cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

    The Administration is attempting to cut funding for HUD by $6.2 billion, which amounts to a reduction of over 13 percent from the prior fiscal year. These cuts will harm low-income families, veterans, the elderly, and disabled individuals, and will result in an increase in homelessness, starvation, and the decline of neighborhoods in urban areas.

    Now is the time to take action and demand that HUD leadership work with NFFE-IAM Local 1450 to increase efficiencies and properly staff programs to ensure efficacy and quality of results.

    Click here to contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them to fight HUD Budget Cuts

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  • Ontario IAM Automotive Members Ratify First Contract

    By an overwhelming majority this past weekend, the 27 newest members of IAM Local 2332 ratified their first collective bargaining agreement with Superior Nissan, Superior Custom Detailing and Superior Used Cars, in Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

    “We came within four hours of going out on strike,” said IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ralph Martin. “The membership stood behind the bargaining team and that was the difference.”

    The three-year agreement provides wage increases of 3 percent immediately and another 3.5 percent by the end of the second year. The contract also brings the workers into the IAM Labour/Management pension plan.

    “Getting a pension plan was a key demand with this membership and to get one in the first contract has made everyone happy,” explained Martin. “These members are looking to their future and this is a great first step.”

    The contract covers automotive technicians, service writers, parts personnel and general garage workers at Superior Nissan, as well as installers at Superior Custom Detailing and automotive technicians who refurbish cars at Superior Used Cars.

    The agreement includes substantial vacation improvements, with employees receiving three to four weeks a year instead of being limited to two. Employees will no longer have to pay for all of their medical benefits. The employer will be paying 70 percent by the beginning of the third year of the agreement.

    The contract establishes an overtime policy in line with other IAM automotive contracts in the area. Workers will now be paid 1.5 times regular rate for Saturday, 2 times regular rate for Sunday and 2.5 times regular rate for holidays.

    Employees will also be eligible for bereavement leave, and the company will pay for uniforms, safety boots and all other necessary personal protective equipment.

    “To get this much language in the first contract is very difficult,” explained Martin. “Our members are very pleased.”

    The IAM in Canada represents members at five or the seven auto dealers in the area. It also represents automotive workers in Toronto, Fort Frances, Thunder Bay, as well as in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of British Columbia.

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